Angel themes for parties, birthdays, christenings and more

Angel themes for parties, birthdays, christenings and more

In life, the angel often signifies innocence. There is sometimes a religious connection as well,. As many people are religious, and many also like to accentuate the good qualities of those around them, it should come as no surprise to see that angels often feature in artworks and designs for events and celebrations.

Let us use kids parties as an example. For many, a party signifies happiness, presents, perhaps even some over indulging in sweets, lollies and fizzy drink.  And fair enough, a large proportion of kids party invitations reflect this sort of thing, with balloons, streamers, etcetera.

That’s all very well and good but what if things are planned to be a little more, well, gentle. Say it’s a little girls birthday. Perhaps a first birthday party. Planned activities include a game of pass the parcel, bobbing for apples, a lucky dip. Maybe even some dress up games. And your little angel is going to be the centre of attention on her first birthday, although she probably won’t fully understand what is going on. Under these circumstances we think most would agree when we say that angels make an excellent theme for little girls party invitations, especially first birthdays.

Now for the next topic – christenings and baptisms.

Pretty obviously, these are events with a religious significance, so it seems like a no brainer that angels are a perfect style or theme. They work well with either boys christening invitations, or with girls.

Cleverly done photo christening invitations can put a beautifully angelic aspect on any child’s face. Gentle wings, a halo, even golden rays of sunshine bursting through the clouds, illuminating the subject. Heavenly indeed, lol. On that note, we should add that it doesn’t really matter if it is a baptism, or a christening, angels work equally well for both, as well as for most denominations.

Girls christening invitation

If you choose angels as a background or theme for your christening stationery, why not consider your favours and christening bonbonniere at the same time. We reckon these personalised chocolate bars are an ideal – and very edible – bonbonniere. They can even have wrappers printed in the same design as your invitations.

Now for a few worthy mentions – birth announcements, Christmas cards, and wedding stationery

The birth of a new baby is one of life’s most special events. Unlike getting married it can only ever happen once. No matter what. There is often a lot of anticipation preceding a baby being born, and immediately after the happy news, a lot of curiosity. Photo birth announcements are the perfect way to both announce your new arrival and at the same time satisfy that curiosity. Personalised, with a short message, and often a photo, the word angel is entirely appropriate.

Photo birth announcements

Christmas. Or should that read “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing”

Angels are a huge part of Christmas. From the bible story, to the birth of Jesus, there are angels everywhere. While some people take a non religious view of Christmas the fact remains that for many, Angels are an integral part of the whole picture. Photo Christmas Cards are often embellished with the clever – and tasteful – use of angels as a theme.

And lastly, there are weddings. We won’t dwell a lot on weddings, suffice to say that angels probably shouldn’t be the focal point, but make excellent background art.