Creating a cute as a button girls birthday party : Ideas post

Creating a cute as a button girls birthday party : Ideas post

Most people who have a daughter will agree this us when we say that your little girl is your princess.  You want her to have the best you can provide. You want her future to be bright. And you want your precious little girl to have great memories of when she was little.

The way to make great memories is to ensure her todays, and tomorrows are awesome. And never a truer word was spoken on this topic than when we are talking little girls birthday parties.  Now there Is an exercise in managing expectations, and perhaps the bank balance at the same time.

In order to give you some free help with your girls birthday party planning, lets run through the basics, shall we?

Starting with your girls birthday invitations. We simply cannot stress strongly enough how important it is that these be the best, the most suitable for the occasion. They don’t need to be made of gold, but showing a little care and attention at this stage will reap big dividends later. We strongly suggest shopping around a bit, and if the event is going to have a theme, or a special significance, buy some custom invitations online.

You can often get these made for very reasonable prices, and if you choose a good store, prompt delivery. This can be important in the busy world of today we all work in, where things get left until the last minute all too often.

Garden party invitation

Now that we have our heart settled on the perfect invites, its time to pay some thought to the other standard party supplies that most girls birthdays will feature. Let’s start with decorations. Pretty party decorations are an absolute must have if your daughter is into pretty. These create atmosphere, adding a festive air to any room. Pompoms, banners, tinsel, even balloons. Whatever you do, do something. Don’t skip this bit. Looking for something different? Think balloons are boring and tinsel is tinny? A hot party trend that is very popular at the moment is personalised bunting. Long strings of paper bunting flags printed especially for your event, with your theme, perhaps even the party boy or girls name.  Cupcake themed bunting, fairy themed bunting, you name it, all online.

The last big ticket item on any birthday party shopping list is the birthday cake. Every party should have one, and every child looks forward to being the centre of attention, being sung to by the guests, and yes, blowing ALL of the candles out. Some modern birthday cake ideas include things such as personalized cake toppers, tier cakes, themed cakes and more. Don’t want to break the bank? Edible images are quite cheap and affordable – they are a printed frosting sheet that you aplly to the top of a flat cake. Easy to do, and can include a personal message, a photo, artwork of your choice. An edible image is only limited by your imagination.

Edible images

We will be posting more in our party ideas series in another post – hope to see you back again soon!


Looking for invitation ideas and don’t know where to start….

Looking for invitation ideas and don’t know where to start….

Perhaps we can help. A special event should be exactly that, special. And making that happen isn’t difficult but sometimes, particularly if you are a busy person, it can be troublesome knowing how to start.

Let’s take a 40th birthday party as an example. Like all events, you will need a few basics, such as invitations, a venue, a guest list, some party supplies. But how to make it just that little bit extra special?

Most people look online these days. For example, you could buy invitations online – there are lots to choose from. Some are quite cheap, but will this get you the style that you like. Have a look at this 40th birthday invitation design. Some great elements there, a photo of the birthday boy, and a photo of a much younger version. Flames. And a cheeky message – look what happened in 40 years?

Or you could go with a cheap set of invitations and party supplies, like you could buy at most supermarkets or bulk stores. Hmmm we think the effect might be a bit different – well okay completely different.

Or you could take a chance and buy from some random shop on one of those online bazaars in Australia such as Ebay, or Etsy or Zazzle or…or…well there are quite a few places. But do you ever know who you are dealing with. Can you pick up the phone and call them if you have a question. We think that’s important, both for peace of mind and rapid clarity if needed. Too many businesses hide behind an email and a mobile telephone.

Where were we? Oh yes, the price point question. It’s like this. You can focus on price if that’s all that’s important but we think you should focus on the desired result. Imagine you are going to have a big party at your place. Lots of people coming, everything is on show and under scrutiny.

If you want people turning up excited and enthusiastic from the get go, or not turning up at all, the difference between these two outcomes could be as little as a few dollars spend on getting quality kids party invitations designed and printed.

Lets face it. If you invited twenty people but sent out terrible invitations, and only ten turned up, how would that affect the afternoon. Don’t risk disappointment – we say buy from a reputable designer, from a shop with a strong online reputation and following.

Harley Davidson themed edible image party supplies

Perhaps one area you can afford to skimp a little is getting bulk printing done. There isn’t as much pressure on a specific event, so  getting cheap flyers printed online makes sense. Often all you will be trying to do is get a message out, for example for a fete, or a garage sale, or promote a trades person’s services. The quality has to be decent but not gold plated. There are plenty of online print studios that provide this service, so while it pays to shop around it also pays to buy from a business that is in the same country if possible – that will minimise delivery delays. Plus, if you choose one with a local telephone number to call, any issues are quickly resolved.

That’s all for this post. Thanks for stopping by J

When does a shower probably not involve getting wet? When it’s a Baby Shower

When does a shower probably not involve getting wet? When it’s a Baby Shower

If you have had children be warned, memories may be awoken with this post. Remember those first days of doubt…am I…are we?? As the days rolled on, the doubt lessened, until the test confirmed the happy news : baby is on the way.

Well. Life just took a quantum turn and will never be the same again. So many questions, so few certainties, so many possibilities. Time to plan the nursery, the clothes, the baby essentials such as a pram, nappies, perhaps a baby monitor, almost certainly a stroller or a pram.

Side note : did you know that “Pram “is a shortened version of the English word “perambulator” no kidding. We like pram.

All of these essentials cost money, of course. And that’s where that ancient rite of passage, the baby shower can prove rather useful.

For the un initiated, a baby shower party is a happy ceremony, usually attended by women, most of whom have had children. These days its customary to give gifts to the expectant mum. These gifts should be baby or maternity related, which is kind of neat because it takes the some of the cost out of raising bub, at least in the early months. Such gifts are usually provided with advice, sometimes welcome, sometimes not, but always provided, nevertheless.

Personalized baby shower invitation

So when you look at it that way, a baby shower is a party, very similar to a birthday. There are baby shower invitations, as opposed to birthday party invitations. Games, humor, guests and gifts, but rather than the gifts being presents, which is appropriate for a kids birthday party, they are baby themed. We get it.


Baby birth announcement


But how many of us have experience planning a baby shower? In the modern world, where families are smaller, most of us will plan one to three baby showers. So there is a high chance of this being your first.

Here are some free tips to help you to hold a fun baby shower, and make it the success that you would like it to be.

First, decide on the guest list. It’s wise to include family, close friends. Some may also be your workmates. Some workplaces hold a separate baby shower type ceremony.

Next, consider the theme. This is particularly relevant if you have settled on a desired nursery theme – if your baby shower guests are in tune with this theme, you can end up being given some really nice personalised gifts.

Now it’s time to choose a venue, and send out your invites. If you use these to convey the theme, its also a good time to let your guests know – if you want to let it be known – the gender of bub that is on the way. Important if you want to be given gender specific gifts, of course. If you want to keep bubs gender a secret, not a problem, there are plenty of gender neutral baby shower invitation designs to choose from.

Last, but not at all least. You will need some fun baby shower games and activities. Here is a list that will help to make sure your baby shower guests enjoy themselves. After all, its important there is lots of fun at a party, yes J

Sugar and spice and all things nice : Kids party sweets and ideas post

Sugar and spice and all things nice : Kids party sweets & ideas post

Remember back when we were young. Mum or Dad – but usually Mum – did all the organizing. When we had friends over after a long afternoon of playing in the sun, food would appear, as if by magic, when we were hungry. Re fuelled, off we would go again until the sun went down.

And at birthday parties, we wouldn’t have to think too much about anything other than partying and wishing the birthday boy or girl happy birthday – assuming it wasn’t us, that is. And lo and behold, food would again arrive. It usually took the form of a candy table, followed up by a birthday cake. Simpler times back then, and while things are done differently today, in many ways many things are still the same.

Let’s explore that somewhat self contradictory statement.

Some things are still the same. Kids like lollies, kids like sweets, and at a birthday, the birthday cake is a highlight of the whole party. Blowing out the candles in one breath is a rite of passage for most youngsters and who could deny a child that? Lets face it, if you have a birthday, but no cake with candles you are in serious trouble.

Some things are done a little differently. For example, back in the day a candy table was usually just that – a table piled high with candy, lollies and biscuits, many home made. Fast forward to the time poor high expectation world of today and that’s where some of the differences are plain to see. Our humble assortment of lollies and sweets has become a candy buffet, highly styled and designed for maximum visual impact. And the lollies probably taste good too.

If you are going to hold a party, and are feeling the pressure of expectation, here are a few suggestions that may help. Firstly, relax, and don’t forget to breathe. This is normal. Breathing, that is.

Give yourself as much time as possible, by getting in early. Send out the invitations in plenty of time – if you want good ones, there are plenty of affordable personalised invitations online if you look around.

We discuss decorating candy tables in several other posts, including this one about backdrops and banners – these have a stunning effect if chosen well. So we will leave that topic and head over to the business end of a candy buffet – the food.

As with so many other things these days it’s all on the web. Buying kids party sweets online would be easy if there wasn’t so much choice – and if it all didn’t look the same.

We think the personalised touch is the way to go – have a look at these custom chocolate bars in wrappers for example. Hundreds of designs, they can be themed to your invitations, and best of all  – chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate. Or there are these specially made party lollipops. As with the chocolates, themed just for you, with your personal message. Very stylish.

Personalised chocolate bar

The piece de resistance however is having your very own rock candy made. There are lower priced versions but if you really want to impress have a look at this personalised rock candy – because its one of a kind, there is a minimum purchase on each batch of 10kg. This may only suit larger events.

These are a few of our party sweets and lollies ideas for kids parties – we hope they helped.

Have a great day, and hope to see you back here soon!

All kinds of invitations for all kinds of occasions – Winter 2015 update

All kinds of invitations for all kinds of occasions – Winter 2015 update

With snow falling on the hills and a chilly breeze drifting in from Antarctica, it’s easy to see why many people go into a sort of hibernation mode for the winter.  Not wanting to brave the elements, outdoor projects get held over until spring and summer, and our sporting focus changes too.

That said, life doesn’t stop. After all, about half of the world’s population has a birthday in winter time, and we simply cannot put them off till summer, can we. It’s true that weddings tend to be held in the warmer months, however just how long do you wait to get married? And with the majority of christenings and baptisms being held indoors, in a church or other religious facility, it seems reasonable to say that these happen all year round.

If you are planning an event in the winter months, you do need to make a few considerations first. The first and most important is venue. Make sure that the venue you choose is warm, and suitable to the event. There isn’t much point planning a garden wedding or a lakeside christening in winter…unless you plan on supplying a lot of umbrellas or hiring a multiple marquees. Far better to leave the element of ambush by weather out of it and hold your event indoors.

Once you have confirmed a venue, its time to choose your guest list, and plan a theme. A theme is important for many events – it gives your guests some direction as to what is expected of them on the day, and can also be loads of fun. Some examples would include a religious theme for christening and baptisms, forma or informal for weddings, and for kids birthday parties, well the list could go on for a long time indeed. Pirate, princess, fairy, fireman, clown, robot, science, ballerina, makeover, slumber – are some of the themes we have designed for recently.

Robot themed kids birthday cake

Settled on a theme? Its time to incorporate this in your invitations. For christening and baptism invitations, a photo is a good thing to use, surrounded by elements that will feature in the ceremony. Perhaps a crucifix, or angels, and colours to highlight a boy or girls event. Kids parties are similar. If you are holding a fireman themed birthday party, you can buy kids party invitations online that feature fire trucks, sirens, fireman’s helmets and so on. Quite cheaply too.


Another type of event that cannot wait until summer is a baby shower, so we will touch on invitations for these as well. While photo invitations are not really possible in many cases, sometimes an ultrasound image is used. Other popular themed baby shower invitation designs that we have seen recently include elements such as a stork, nappies, cribs, as well as a really gorgeous personalised design using baby forest animals. We think this one is uber cute.

Baby shower invitation personalised

Most of these can all be found for sale online – the one thing to remember of course when ordering online is to allow enough time for products to be designed, printed and then delivered – don’t leave it till the last minute.

Beat the winter blues : Impromptu party afternoon ideas.

Beat the winter blues : Impromptu party afternoon ideas.

Do you need a reason to hold a party? Most people wait till a birthday rolls around, or a special holiday weekend. Common examples include things such as Australia Day, Labor Day, or, if you are a Melburnian, that uniquely Melbourne institution Melbourne Cup Day. ( Just Google The race that stops a nation and you will see what that’s all about )

But is this necessary? Do you need an excuse? We say no. Lets face it. During winter, the skies are grey, often raining, and its usually cold.  All. The. Time. Why not invite a few friends over and share some quality time?

Here are a few ideas for fun winter party themes that wont break the budget. Party tip – given that these are often short notice, you may or may not need kids party invitations for these, but if you do, here is where to buy some really good ones online.

Winter Outdoor Party Idea One  : The bonfire party.

The perfect way to do some fire gazing and social bonding at the same time. A nice big roaring bonfire, flames crackling high to begin with, then simmering down to embers. Toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate, stories and laughter. Pros : No big mess inside. Cons  : Need fuel, and a nice back yard. Best on a still night otherwise you will need to move around every now and then to avoid getting smoked out!

Invitation with bonfire flames

Winter Outdoor Impromptu Adults Party Idea Two  : The Barbecue afternoon

If you have a gas fired barbecue, a reasonable outdoor entertaining area and an outdoor setting, this one is a ripper of an idea. Kick it off with a relaxing meal, let the kids scream around the back yard while the grown ups swap stories and jokes. Pros  : Lots. Everyone gets fed, the kids have a good play, loads of sweets and lollies get eaten. Cons  : Not many. Works best in backyards with no mozzie issues. For those of you who are reading this and are not based in Australia, a mozzie is an angry sounding buzzing insect, that likes to drink blood. They are known to grow as large as a small bird – not quite the size of a seagull, perhaps more like a very very angry budgerigar. Just kidding about that bit. They are still annoying though.

One thing we are not kidding about however is the simple fact that sharing an impromptu – or even planned at short notice – party afternoon with friends is a fun and low cost way to bond, play, and lift spirits in winter. If you are having a garden party for younger children you can even splash out on some small party favours for children, perhaps for a lucky dip, or even a treasure hunt. A treasure hunt is an ideal way to keep kids busy for a decent amount of time – it can be done without clues, or with a list of clues that lead the children all over the place. In the meantime, us grown ups are forced to do all the hard work, perhaps relaxing in a deck chair, soaking up the afternoon sun….or chatting over a cuppa.


Garden party invitation


Party favours that are party favourites

Party favours that are party favourites

Everybody likes getting gifts. If you are the birthday boy or birthday girl at a party, we all know you will be looking forward to getting birthday presents. Particularly if you are holding a party with lots of guests. This means lots of presents right? Yayy!!

Lets turn the tables for a then. Imagine you are a guest at a party. You get the invitation, go out and buy a birthday present to give as you arrive. The big day arrives, Mum or Dad drop you off, and in you go.

Loads of party food is laid on, games and activities too. Gorgeous party decorations to brighten the mood. Perhaps even professional entertainment. You desperately hope there are no clowns. Why? Well statistics say a huge percentage of kids are scared of clowns and this is you. Whew. No clown.

So after many games, laughter, loads of party sweets and too much sugar it’s time to go. Tired, but happy – and our parents hope, ready for a nap,, we say good bye, and thank you.  And out the door we go.

Let’s try that exit again. Before we head out the door, the birthday boy or girl shakes our hand, and gives us a small party bag or box full of treats. What’s this? Treats for the road? It just gets better and better!

A small gift at the end of an event is called a favour. These are similar to bonbonniere, however we will point out the differences. The main differences are the style,  the budget, and the types of events you will find them at.

At a child’s birthday party, you would often find kids party favours. These could well be personalised, or perhaps the cheaper, generic supermarket kind. Some of the things that you might find in a favour box would be lollies, cheap novelties, toys, games and similar. Themed events might often feature themed party favours, such as magic tricks, and so on. You would not often find bonbonniere at a birthday party.

If you are attending or hosting a christening ceremony, you could have bonbonniere, or christening favours, or both. There are subtle differences between the two, however for christenings, and for weddings, bonbonniere and favours are almost interchangeable. In some cultures a party favour is used in place of invitations

Golf themed caricature invitation

If you are looking for favours for birthday parties, online is the best place to go. From Ebay to Amazon and a host of smaller websites in between there is a lot to choose from. The main rule of thumb we think if you are looking for personalised party favours or custom christening bonbonniere online is to allow plenty of time. After all, they need to be designed, then made, then sent to you. In todays world of instant expectation some things still take time. A good party supply business will be resourced appropriately, and respond quickly but don’t leave the important things till the last minute and run the risk of not receiving items on time.

Christening bonbonniere