Girls birthday party post : Girls party theme ideas.

Girls birthday party post : Girls party theme ideas.

Hosting a girls birthday party? Need some good party ideas? Not a problem, we can help.

This blog post is all about how to hold a really good party for a little girls birthday. We have a few handy tips, ideas and photos that will come in handy for many people, especially if you are always on the go, and have no time to organize.

Lets start with the invitations. Personalised invitations are definitely the way to go if you want to make a good impression. But what sort to get? A girls birthday party is something that you really need to pay attention to detail on – showing even the slightest hint of a low care factor simply will never do. Your girls birthday invitations need to be in line with this – they don’t need to be good. They need to be right. Invites are a very personal item, and like the porridge in Goldilocks and The Three Bears story they need to be just right.

Spend some time thinking about the theme you are going to choose. Will it be glamour and makeover? Garden tea party? Perhaps an adventurous activity style party where an afternoon is spent at one of those places that expertly extracts every last dollar and leaves you exhausted – but happy – at the end of the afternoon. Too much sugar and loads of fun.

Got a theme? Excellent. Make sure your invites and other party supplies are in tune with this theme. Its no good having a fairy party, getting special fairy party invitations made, then not doing much else with the theme other than cheap plastic magic wands and some glitter. Nope, you do need to do a bit more than that folks.

Fairy party invitation

So let’s decorate. Let’s talk costumes. Tell everybody to come in costume, with wings and a small dress. These don’t cost much – Spotlight sells cheap fairy costumes and wings and all sorts of magical things, for example. Prefer personalised? Excellent choice. We applaud thee. Trade the cheap looking mass produced stuff for something made just or the occasion. Again, online is the way to go.

Imagine your party room instead with custom bunting in your chosen theme draped around the outside. Very cute and very stylish. Or a big birthday banners, bold as brass, decorating the wall above your candy table. Another good use of a birthday banner is as a welcome on the door. An excellent way to both say hello  to your guests and get them excited and enthusiastic as they walk in the door. Literally make your party start with the right sort of attitude from all who arrive!

First Birthday banner

To make sure things go to plan it pays to be organised in advance. Shop around. Not necessarily on price mind you. You will likely find that when it comes to online invitation shops price is very similar. What differs is quality and experience. For example a boring website that is hard to navigate might give you an idea of the overall experience you will get shopping there.  Have a look at the Facebook page – a business with loads of fans is always a good start

Well these are a few handy tips – we hope they help. Have a fun girls birthday party!


Creating a cute as a button girls birthday party : Ideas post

Creating a cute as a button girls birthday party : Ideas post

Most people who have a daughter will agree this us when we say that your little girl is your princess.  You want her to have the best you can provide. You want her future to be bright. And you want your precious little girl to have great memories of when she was little.

The way to make great memories is to ensure her todays, and tomorrows are awesome. And never a truer word was spoken on this topic than when we are talking little girls birthday parties.  Now there Is an exercise in managing expectations, and perhaps the bank balance at the same time.

In order to give you some free help with your girls birthday party planning, lets run through the basics, shall we?

Starting with your girls birthday invitations. We simply cannot stress strongly enough how important it is that these be the best, the most suitable for the occasion. They don’t need to be made of gold, but showing a little care and attention at this stage will reap big dividends later. We strongly suggest shopping around a bit, and if the event is going to have a theme, or a special significance, buy some custom invitations online.

You can often get these made for very reasonable prices, and if you choose a good store, prompt delivery. This can be important in the busy world of today we all work in, where things get left until the last minute all too often.

Garden party invitation

Now that we have our heart settled on the perfect invites, its time to pay some thought to the other standard party supplies that most girls birthdays will feature. Let’s start with decorations. Pretty party decorations are an absolute must have if your daughter is into pretty. These create atmosphere, adding a festive air to any room. Pompoms, banners, tinsel, even balloons. Whatever you do, do something. Don’t skip this bit. Looking for something different? Think balloons are boring and tinsel is tinny? A hot party trend that is very popular at the moment is personalised bunting. Long strings of paper bunting flags printed especially for your event, with your theme, perhaps even the party boy or girls name.  Cupcake themed bunting, fairy themed bunting, you name it, all online.

The last big ticket item on any birthday party shopping list is the birthday cake. Every party should have one, and every child looks forward to being the centre of attention, being sung to by the guests, and yes, blowing ALL of the candles out. Some modern birthday cake ideas include things such as personalized cake toppers, tier cakes, themed cakes and more. Don’t want to break the bank? Edible images are quite cheap and affordable – they are a printed frosting sheet that you aplly to the top of a flat cake. Easy to do, and can include a personal message, a photo, artwork of your choice. An edible image is only limited by your imagination.

Edible images

We will be posting more in our party ideas series in another post – hope to see you back again soon!