Angel themes for parties, birthdays, christenings and more

Angel themes for parties, birthdays, christenings and more

In life, the angel often signifies innocence. There is sometimes a religious connection as well,. As many people are religious, and many also like to accentuate the good qualities of those around them, it should come as no surprise to see that angels often feature in artworks and designs for events and celebrations.

Let us use kids parties as an example. For many, a party signifies happiness, presents, perhaps even some over indulging in sweets, lollies and fizzy drink.  And fair enough, a large proportion of kids party invitations reflect this sort of thing, with balloons, streamers, etcetera.

That’s all very well and good but what if things are planned to be a little more, well, gentle. Say it’s a little girls birthday. Perhaps a first birthday party. Planned activities include a game of pass the parcel, bobbing for apples, a lucky dip. Maybe even some dress up games. And your little angel is going to be the centre of attention on her first birthday, although she probably won’t fully understand what is going on. Under these circumstances we think most would agree when we say that angels make an excellent theme for little girls party invitations, especially first birthdays.

Now for the next topic – christenings and baptisms.

Pretty obviously, these are events with a religious significance, so it seems like a no brainer that angels are a perfect style or theme. They work well with either boys christening invitations, or with girls.

Cleverly done photo christening invitations can put a beautifully angelic aspect on any child’s face. Gentle wings, a halo, even golden rays of sunshine bursting through the clouds, illuminating the subject. Heavenly indeed, lol. On that note, we should add that it doesn’t really matter if it is a baptism, or a christening, angels work equally well for both, as well as for most denominations.

Girls christening invitation

If you choose angels as a background or theme for your christening stationery, why not consider your favours and christening bonbonniere at the same time. We reckon these personalised chocolate bars are an ideal – and very edible – bonbonniere. They can even have wrappers printed in the same design as your invitations.

Now for a few worthy mentions – birth announcements, Christmas cards, and wedding stationery

The birth of a new baby is one of life’s most special events. Unlike getting married it can only ever happen once. No matter what. There is often a lot of anticipation preceding a baby being born, and immediately after the happy news, a lot of curiosity. Photo birth announcements are the perfect way to both announce your new arrival and at the same time satisfy that curiosity. Personalised, with a short message, and often a photo, the word angel is entirely appropriate.

Photo birth announcements

Christmas. Or should that read “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing”

Angels are a huge part of Christmas. From the bible story, to the birth of Jesus, there are angels everywhere. While some people take a non religious view of Christmas the fact remains that for many, Angels are an integral part of the whole picture. Photo Christmas Cards are often embellished with the clever – and tasteful – use of angels as a theme.

And lastly, there are weddings. We won’t dwell a lot on weddings, suffice to say that angels probably shouldn’t be the focal point, but make excellent background art.


And they said, let it be pretty. And it was decorated, and it was so.

And they said, let it be pretty. And it was decorated, and it was so.

Event planning is a lot like baking a delicious dish. When we bake, if we want the best result, it all comes down to several things. Preparation, ingredients, equipment and skill. Having three of the four will still get you a result, but it won’t be the ideal result. Even with the nicest kitchen, the best chef, the right utensils but old, stale or freezer burned ingredients? The result will still taste terrible.

Events are very much like the above. We can look at the different components of any event, be it a kids birthday party,  baby christening ceremony or a wedding, for example. All of these occasions have these elements : Guest list, invitations, event type, venue, food, entertainment, decorations, farewell.  And in order for any event to go as planned, its critical that each element be considered first separately, then as part of the whole.

Today’s post is about decorations, so in that context – separately, then as part of a whole – we will now elaborate.

Let’s imagine we are planning a girls birthday party. The guest list will mostly be her friends, and some family. We need to think about what this group will find appealing, in terms of decorations. This leads into a related discussion around colour, and style. You could stick with pink and frilly but that’s not going to be true for every little girls party.

Think about the individual likes, then run with colours. Do we go with loads of balloons, cheap and easy to put up. Do we stick with only pink party supplies or do we introduce other colours.  Primary colours? Tip : If you have multiple colours try to limit this to three colours, that work together. Pink, white and grey, for example. The only exception to this is when rainbow is the theme you are going with. Another handy tip is to make sure these colours continue across your event supplies, such as birthday cakes and foods.

Party balloons and helium balloons are far from the only option for party decorations. You can be as creative as your budget and imagination allow.  Tinsel is better for Christmas, but crepe paper streamers and tassel tail strings are a fantastic alternative at other times of the year.

Picture of decorative party balloons

While on topic of paper decorations, why not consider single colour pom poms made from tissue paper? A key advantage of these is that you don’t need to inflate them as you do with balloons, simply fluff them out and hang them. Plus, pom poms don’t deflate like balloons do – and we think they look a touch more stylish and special, creating an entirely different look and feel.

Picture of fluffy tissue pompoms

Pom poms have a soft, almost magical feel about them. This makes them perfect for events such as weddings and christenings. You can event include them as a theme on your christening invitations – they look stunning in this setting.

One of the penultimate party decorations would have to be a welcome banner. Welcoming your guests or wishing the birthday child with a happy birthday banner makes a statement like no other.

All of these suggestions are available to order online from many quality online shops. Naturally, we have our favourites though!

Invitations – the start of any successful event.

Invitations – the start of any successful event. And don’t forget the party food!

For many of us, an event begins when we receive an invitation. We start to anticipate, to imagine, and to plan. We wonder who else will be going , what will be happening, and of course, we ask ourselves questions about the person the event is going to be held for.

If you are the event organiser, a lot of the questions people ask will be answered by the invitations. Let’s explain that in a bit more detail shall we?

A badly written invitation will contain no detail, other than the type of event, the date, and the venue. It might say, you are invited to Jim and Susan’s wedding at the church in Sydney on Sunday….This does not really do justice to a wedding now, does it?

A well designed wedding invitation for a formal type ceremony might instead say something like…

Jim and Susan would be honoured by your presence at their wedding ceremony, to be held at St Margaret Ignatius Church on the 412th of Nevermind month, 2015. Formal reception to follow at, and then the destination would be named. It would be in a flowing script or font, and use colours and background images to influence the perception of your wedding guests. A good quality paper would be used, possibly with a shimmer finish. This is called setting the scene. Painting a picture in your guests imaginations. They know to attend in formal attire. They know a whole lot more than with the first design.

Similar circumstances apply at christenings and baptisms. Some people opt for a religious ceremony, with all the hallmarks and trappings of the church involved. Non religious families sometimes opt for a naming ceremony instead. The invitations should always reflect the scene you intend to create.

Rocking horse themed christening invitation

Managing expectation can also be important, particularly when a child’s birthday is being held. Build it up to high and there can be tears and tantrums, but pitching too low will cause the same thing. Our advice is usually to walk the middle ground – start with a good invite that tells party guests the essential details, and hints at theme or entertainment. A good party invitation is often well worth the small amount of money you will spend on them – many people decide whether or not to attend on the basis of how the invite looks.


Kids birthday invitation


Once your guests arrive…. It’s time to eat

Make sure your guests are welcomed properly, make sure there is plenty of good food too. Don’t forget when you are buying party food and treats, to cater for the sweet tooth as well as those who have specific dietary needs, such as diabetics, gluten or lactose intolerant, and also – most important – provide a healthy option, such as fruit and non processed. Consider also having plenty of non sweetened drinks to offset those sugar rushes.

Want to monitor everybodys intakes? Rather than having a smorgasbord style candy table why not serve treats in party favour boxes and bags – that way no one goes overboard, and there is minimal wastage, which saves you money.

That’s it for this post in our party planning series. More soon – we would love to see you visit our blog again.

Some fun new invitation designs and ideas – Winter 2015

Some fun new invitation designs and ideas – Winter 2015

As the seasons change, so to do the trends and fashions in many industries. With clothes, its colour, fabric and style. With houses is floor plans and features. With tech its convenience and price. The search is always on for the next best thing, and most people are keen to be seen to be on trend.

I think that’s the latest buzz phrase anyway.

Its not a lot different in the party supplies industry. Each year, in fact each season, a new idea or marketing pitch by the large movie companies introduces merchandise, apparel, cartoons and more – and for childrens birthday parties, this has obvious flow on effects.

Lets explore something we will call the Frozen effect. Following the success of a mega hit movie, every little girl wanted to be Elsa. Of course this meant that light blue robes, crowns, tiaras, and winter themes were all the rage at girls birthday parties around the world. In a short space of time, Frozen themed party supplies became commercially available, along with custom made and personalised invitations. These were mostly available online.

Now not all online invitation shops take their lead from the movies, but saying that, popular demand will always have an influence. Here are a few designs that we think are going to be very popular. We have featured younger childrens invitation designs, as well as a couple of designs for other, non birthday related.

Fantasy toadstool kids party invitation

Paw patrol inspired – a birthday party theme

Paw patrol is a kids cartoon series, where the dogs are the heroes. This is perhaps better suited to a younger childs birthday party invitation. Don’t forget, the highlight of any kids party is the birthday cake, and we can print this design as an edible image for a kids birthday cake. These always make little eyes sparkle, both at the idea of eating a birthday cake, combined with the fact that they look stunning. Of course, these products are custom made, and only available for sale online in Australia.

Paw patrol personalised kids party invitation


Lace – a christening theme.

With a beautiful purple background and a delicate flowing central artwork, our Lace design has just been released for winter. The nature of this design, with a graceful, sophisticated feel, means that it is proving quite popular as a christening invitation design, along with associated matching themed christening supplies. We can create this as a beautiful banner, table top place cards, tags, too. Other items that match this design well include pom poms, balloons and streamers with a similar lavender or purple colour.


Moustache fun – for grown ups birthday parties

Is there someone in your life with a ridiculously large moustache? Perhaps you are holding a costume party….where a moustache could well feature in the disguises. Our moustache theme is a funny, gentle design with festive artwork and a colourful background. Available as a wide range of custom party supplies from edible image icing sheets, to invitations, banners, candy buffet lollipops, and more.

Thanks for stopping by our blog. We will post more designs over time. Hope to see you back soon.