Popular first birthday themes for boys – Party Ideas Post

Do you remember your first birthday? We bet you don’t. I know I don’t remember my first birthday party. If there was one, I know I was there, that’s all.

I bet everybody else that was there remembers. Being a little boy, I probably made a big mess, at way too much food, made lots of noise and had a large amount of fun. Oh and ran around a lot, fell over a few times, okay, more than a few times, and there may have been tears.

In other words a good party as far as I, at the time, was concerned. The grown ups that were all there probably had lots of fun too. Now if you cannot remember your first birthday party, don’t be concerned. This, apparently, is normal. Which is because a boys first birthday, as much as it is held for the birthday boy, is just as much about family catching up, taking stock, and getting up to date with a new family members capabilities. Ever hear “Look how much you have grown?” Check.

In order to make sure that your boys first party is every success that you would like it to be, here is a short list of some great party ideas that we hope you will find helpful


This is where it all starts. Your little boys birthday invitations are the very first inkling your family and friends will have about the impending celebration. Choose a theme if you like, as this can help to plan your decorations, as well as be a whole heap of fun. Some popular invitation themes for boys include planes, trains, and automobiles, cars, balloons, or perhaps a favourite animal or cartoon character.


A bright, bold and beautiful banner is a good way to let your guests know that they have arrived – at the right place.  The uses for boys party banners don’t stop there however. You can use a pretty wide format party banner to brighten up a blank wall, or even as a backdrop for a candy buffet table. Speaking of which…


Spiderman boys birthday banner


Candy Table

Highly anticipated at parties and birthdays around the world, a candy table is like a magnet for hungry children. Yes and little children too.  Most everyone likes sweets, and a candy table also fills the need for finger food. On that topic, it will pay t plan ahead, to ensure you buy enough candy buffet lollies and sweets. Online is excellent for this, particularly if you are in a large country, such as Australia.

Birthday Cake

No party is complete without a yummy cake, a sing a long, and that timeless – if rather unhygienic – ritual of blowing out the candles. Here is a page about birthday cake topper ideas that we think might be helpful.

Boys birthday cake edible image

Party Favours.

Send your guests on their way with a smile, and something sweet to remember you by. Oh and load them up with a bit more sugar too lol. Either small party bags and boxes full of candy, or – and this is a pretty safe bet cause everyone likes chocolate – custom chocolate bar wrappers holding delicious milk chocolate. All themed in the same theme as your invitations.



Party ideas theme post : Racing Cars as a boys birthday party theme

Party ideas theme post : Racing Cars as a boys birthday party theme

Remember when you were young? Remember all of the things you liked? Chances are, if you are a bloke, when you were little, you really really liked fast cars. Perhaps matchbox toys. Perhaps you were more of a hot wheels kid. Or if you are 1970s vintage, maybe even slot car racing – way before radio controlled cars were even thought of.

It should come as no surprise then, that when the Pixar film Cars was released, that it was such a big hit. Fast red cars, older slower cars, and a secret race car emerging from retirement to train the new crop of racers. Personalities, humour, baddies, and yes, lots of racing. Even a catchy soundtrack and of course, merchandise. Kids loved it, and no wonder.

For many boys, this love for cars carries on from childhood, through to being a teenager, and beyond. Many grown up men still stop and stare, enraptured, when a special vehicle comes into view, or the sound of racing cars fills the living room on a Saturday afternoon.

If your son, or a male child in your life is a big fan of cars, you could do a lot worse than hold a cars themed birthday party. Either inspired by the movie if that is what they enjoy, although a few years ago now, or perhaps a Formula One or Mount Panorama V8 inspired birthday party. What a great theme – there are loads of things you can do to make this one special.

Race car themed boys party invitation with checkered flag

Let’s begin by discussing some invitation options. One of our favourite cars themed boys birthday invitations idea is to use photo invitations – with a picture of the birthday boy smiling at your party guests, backed up by clever artwork or a picture of a racecar and racing imagery. Here is an example of a race car birthday party invitation, and below we have a few pics if invites we found on Pinterest. Gotta love Pinterest when it comes to getting ideas easily for all kinds of things from decorations to colour choices.

Now that the invites are sorted, it’s worth your while to give a thought to how you will decorate your birthday party room. Bright and sparkly is probably not the best idea for this party theme.

Let’s think race track. Zoom zoom…..like huge chequered flags, the sort they wave as the cars cross the finish line….Perhaps a trophy, with two big handles…a winners podium even. These make excellent party banners – if you cannot actually HAVE a podium, trophy and winners flags, then a personalised banner using these as artwork ideas is a good second best.

Personalised race car photo invitation

Now for a birthday cake. With a bit of looking around you can find a business online that can help here too. Some options are small cake topers that look like race cars. Even candles. Our suggestion is to find an edible image business and get them to print one for your party. A good online provider might even be able to match the invitations and banner and edible images in the same theme. How cool would that be – your boy will really be the champ!