Popular first birthday themes for boys – Party Ideas Post

Do you remember your first birthday? We bet you don’t. I know I don’t remember my first birthday party. If there was one, I know I was there, that’s all.

I bet everybody else that was there remembers. Being a little boy, I probably made a big mess, at way too much food, made lots of noise and had a large amount of fun. Oh and ran around a lot, fell over a few times, okay, more than a few times, and there may have been tears.

In other words a good party as far as I, at the time, was concerned. The grown ups that were all there probably had lots of fun too. Now if you cannot remember your first birthday party, don’t be concerned. This, apparently, is normal. Which is because a boys first birthday, as much as it is held for the birthday boy, is just as much about family catching up, taking stock, and getting up to date with a new family members capabilities. Ever hear “Look how much you have grown?” Check.

In order to make sure that your boys first party is every success that you would like it to be, here is a short list of some great party ideas that we hope you will find helpful


This is where it all starts. Your little boys birthday invitations are the very first inkling your family and friends will have about the impending celebration. Choose a theme if you like, as this can help to plan your decorations, as well as be a whole heap of fun. Some popular invitation themes for boys include planes, trains, and automobiles, cars, balloons, or perhaps a favourite animal or cartoon character.


A bright, bold and beautiful banner is a good way to let your guests know that they have arrived – at the right place.  The uses for boys party banners don’t stop there however. You can use a pretty wide format party banner to brighten up a blank wall, or even as a backdrop for a candy buffet table. Speaking of which…


Spiderman boys birthday banner


Candy Table

Highly anticipated at parties and birthdays around the world, a candy table is like a magnet for hungry children. Yes and little children too.  Most everyone likes sweets, and a candy table also fills the need for finger food. On that topic, it will pay t plan ahead, to ensure you buy enough candy buffet lollies and sweets. Online is excellent for this, particularly if you are in a large country, such as Australia.

Birthday Cake

No party is complete without a yummy cake, a sing a long, and that timeless – if rather unhygienic – ritual of blowing out the candles. Here is a page about birthday cake topper ideas that we think might be helpful.

Boys birthday cake edible image

Party Favours.

Send your guests on their way with a smile, and something sweet to remember you by. Oh and load them up with a bit more sugar too lol. Either small party bags and boxes full of candy, or – and this is a pretty safe bet cause everyone likes chocolate – custom chocolate bar wrappers holding delicious milk chocolate. All themed in the same theme as your invitations.



Creating a cute as a button girls birthday party : Ideas post

Creating a cute as a button girls birthday party : Ideas post

Most people who have a daughter will agree this us when we say that your little girl is your princess.  You want her to have the best you can provide. You want her future to be bright. And you want your precious little girl to have great memories of when she was little.

The way to make great memories is to ensure her todays, and tomorrows are awesome. And never a truer word was spoken on this topic than when we are talking little girls birthday parties.  Now there Is an exercise in managing expectations, and perhaps the bank balance at the same time.

In order to give you some free help with your girls birthday party planning, lets run through the basics, shall we?

Starting with your girls birthday invitations. We simply cannot stress strongly enough how important it is that these be the best, the most suitable for the occasion. They don’t need to be made of gold, but showing a little care and attention at this stage will reap big dividends later. We strongly suggest shopping around a bit, and if the event is going to have a theme, or a special significance, buy some custom invitations online.

You can often get these made for very reasonable prices, and if you choose a good store, prompt delivery. This can be important in the busy world of today we all work in, where things get left until the last minute all too often.

Garden party invitation

Now that we have our heart settled on the perfect invites, its time to pay some thought to the other standard party supplies that most girls birthdays will feature. Let’s start with decorations. Pretty party decorations are an absolute must have if your daughter is into pretty. These create atmosphere, adding a festive air to any room. Pompoms, banners, tinsel, even balloons. Whatever you do, do something. Don’t skip this bit. Looking for something different? Think balloons are boring and tinsel is tinny? A hot party trend that is very popular at the moment is personalised bunting. Long strings of paper bunting flags printed especially for your event, with your theme, perhaps even the party boy or girls name.  Cupcake themed bunting, fairy themed bunting, you name it, all online.

The last big ticket item on any birthday party shopping list is the birthday cake. Every party should have one, and every child looks forward to being the centre of attention, being sung to by the guests, and yes, blowing ALL of the candles out. Some modern birthday cake ideas include things such as personalized cake toppers, tier cakes, themed cakes and more. Don’t want to break the bank? Edible images are quite cheap and affordable – they are a printed frosting sheet that you aplly to the top of a flat cake. Easy to do, and can include a personal message, a photo, artwork of your choice. An edible image is only limited by your imagination.

Edible images

We will be posting more in our party ideas series in another post – hope to see you back again soon!

Sugar and spice and all things nice : Kids party sweets and ideas post

Sugar and spice and all things nice : Kids party sweets & ideas post

Remember back when we were young. Mum or Dad – but usually Mum – did all the organizing. When we had friends over after a long afternoon of playing in the sun, food would appear, as if by magic, when we were hungry. Re fuelled, off we would go again until the sun went down.

And at birthday parties, we wouldn’t have to think too much about anything other than partying and wishing the birthday boy or girl happy birthday – assuming it wasn’t us, that is. And lo and behold, food would again arrive. It usually took the form of a candy table, followed up by a birthday cake. Simpler times back then, and while things are done differently today, in many ways many things are still the same.

Let’s explore that somewhat self contradictory statement.

Some things are still the same. Kids like lollies, kids like sweets, and at a birthday, the birthday cake is a highlight of the whole party. Blowing out the candles in one breath is a rite of passage for most youngsters and who could deny a child that? Lets face it, if you have a birthday, but no cake with candles you are in serious trouble.

Some things are done a little differently. For example, back in the day a candy table was usually just that – a table piled high with candy, lollies and biscuits, many home made. Fast forward to the time poor high expectation world of today and that’s where some of the differences are plain to see. Our humble assortment of lollies and sweets has become a candy buffet, highly styled and designed for maximum visual impact. And the lollies probably taste good too.

If you are going to hold a party, and are feeling the pressure of expectation, here are a few suggestions that may help. Firstly, relax, and don’t forget to breathe. This is normal. Breathing, that is.

Give yourself as much time as possible, by getting in early. Send out the invitations in plenty of time – if you want good ones, there are plenty of affordable personalised invitations online if you look around.

We discuss decorating candy tables in several other posts, including this one about backdrops and banners – these have a stunning effect if chosen well. So we will leave that topic and head over to the business end of a candy buffet – the food.

As with so many other things these days it’s all on the web. Buying kids party sweets online would be easy if there wasn’t so much choice – and if it all didn’t look the same.

We think the personalised touch is the way to go – have a look at these custom chocolate bars in wrappers for example. Hundreds of designs, they can be themed to your invitations, and best of all  – chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate. Or there are these specially made party lollipops. As with the chocolates, themed just for you, with your personal message. Very stylish.

Personalised chocolate bar

The piece de resistance however is having your very own rock candy made. There are lower priced versions but if you really want to impress have a look at this personalised rock candy – because its one of a kind, there is a minimum purchase on each batch of 10kg. This may only suit larger events.

These are a few of our party sweets and lollies ideas for kids parties – we hope they helped.

Have a great day, and hope to see you back here soon!

Fun birthday cake ideas for icing – affordable, online and in Australia

Fun birthday cake ideas for icing – affordable, online and in Australia

Every birthday should have a birthday party. And every kids birthday party deserves a yummy birthday cake.

That’s a pretty simple statement but getting it just right isn’t quite so simple every time for everyone.

Birthday candles

Let’s explore that rather open statement shall we?

Everyone has individual tastes. And while most parents will get it right most of the time, for example buying a t shirt with Lightning McQueen on it is great if your little boy liked Cars – the movie. If your daughter is a huge fan of My Little Pony then get them clothes or bedroom decorations that feature this. Simple, right?

But what about birthday parties? These are a high profile social event although not to the extent of a wedding – and often a coming of age thing too for kids. They get judged by their peers at times. So there is a rather bright emotional spotlight shining on whoever is organising the event, and like the deer in the proverbial headlights, sometimes it can seem like there is nowhere to hide.

First piece of advice : Relax. Breathe deeply.

In order to make sure your childs birthday goes without a hitch, here are a few basic event planning tips that will help.

One : Make your guests remember their arrival

Two  : You need a birthday cake that shows you made an effort. People respect effort. And wow is a neat word to hear.

Three Make sure you farewell each guest individually. Doing this reinforces the fact their attendance was valued.

Now lets touch on the most important part of this post : the bit about kids birthday cake ideas online

Younger children’s parties don’t need a super fancy cake in most instances. They wont appreciate multi tiered cake with interactive figurines. But they will all enjoy seeing a cake, with their name on it, and a selection of candles to blow out.

The simplest way to do this is with a basic cake you can buy at a supermarket, pretty much anywhere in Australia. These wont usually have the name on them, so you may need to invest in some cheap fondant and write it on there yourself.

If you would like something that looks a little more special and personalised, and want an easy and affordable way to do this, why not consider a cheap personalised edible image?  Pricing on these can vary depending on the quality of the store, but in many cases these are available for under $15 or so.

Better yet, if you use the services of an online shop that specializes in personalizing party experiences, there is a good chance they can theme other party supplies in the same way as your edible image. You will probably need invitations, for straters. Most will deliver Australia wide, for a relatively low fee.

Edible images

Here are some of the more popular themes readily available, that you can order online in Australia

Disco and Dance

Ballet or ballerina


Fairy fantasy

Frozen inspired


Cops and robbers


And heaps more besides!