Boring and snoring – no way. Spice up your events and personalise

Party and event planning 101 – personalization

Stuck for ideas with a party to manage. Sounds tough. Particularly if time is short.

Years ago when everything seemed so much…slower…and less….need it now…there was time to stop, think, plan and, dare we say it, make things yourself.  Fast forward to the permanently plugged in and on the go world of today and see how much spare time everyone has. Not so much huh? In some ways this is a good thing. Fun, right now, easy to like and share, but…is any of it really real? Information overload but our senses starve for sensation, taste, smell, and touch. This is where the real world takes over, and comes into its own, with real life parties and events.

Some typical parties and celebrations :

From time immemorial humans have celebrated events, both natural, such as the summer solstice, or an equinox, to man made creations, such as Christmas, The Fourth of July, birthdays and weddings. Each event has a special significance, from the wild and free pagan type festivals and Goddess worship, to ceremonies such as the celebration of Australia Day, and the ritualisation and rites of passage associated with birthday parties, weddings and christenings. And of course, parties for these events generally need invitations, decorations and other party supplies. And similar – not limiting this discussion to only those events.

Even Australians have parties – she’ll be right mate

With the special significance of each event, the associated celebrations and party invitations need to reflect this. Using the Fourth of July as an example, common invitations themes would be patriotic and American. Australia Day too heavily features Australiana and cultural icons, such as the Kangaroo, Green and Gold (Australian national sporting team colours), and of course the Aussie flag.

A very true saying in life is that you get out of something what you put into it. Ho hum decorations and invitations might pay lip service to the basics but to get the response you really want, you cant go past personalised. Personalising your cards and invitations is a top way to show those you are reaching out to that you care.

Lets talk Christmas

Lets use Christmas as an example. Generic, cheap Christmas cards are easy to come by, and have a corresponding care factor associated with them. But personalised Christmas cards, with a custom message, and perhaps even a photo, are generally much better received. Here is a selection of personalised Christmas cards you can buy online in Australia. Loads of different designs and Christmas type themes including some with photos. Ebay is another great place to get all kinds of stuff, including party supplies, but there are benefits in dealing with a business with a presence outside of eBay, such asa phone number you can call or even a physical store.A personalised Christmas card




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