Personalised party ideas – Bling your birthday!

Personalised party ideas – Bling your birthday!


Planning for a birthday party can be quite stressful. Selecting presents is one thing – getting it right, just right is critical. No pressure now….


And if selecting one tiny present causes you issues, how about co ordinating an entire event. Loads of guests, all descending on your venue, or worse, your house….expecting food, entertainment, in short it sounds like they are expecting a party of some sort!!!! And no food organised. No entertainment. Or decorations. Whatever are we going to do?? How did it come to this?


This is the stuff of party planning nightmares. Lets simplify, and start by covering the basics.




Lets take a step back. In fact, quite a few steps. It doesn’t have to be that way. We can cast our collective memories back to the days of old, when things were so much simpler…and lets face it, less exciting. Plain invitations in tear off packs, hastily completed and handed out at school. These things still exist, and are a cheap way to hold a party. That said, cheap isn’t what every one is after, all the time.  Personalised invitations are a very good start to any kids birthday party, and are also an affordable souvenir. In fact, if you buy online, although you will pay a small amount for the invites to be designed and sent to you, the fact is that you would likely spend about this much on petrol, wear and tear and parking just going to the shops to buy some invites that don’t look anywhere near as good.


Birthday banners


Much the same can be said for party decorations too. Good decorations create and enhance atmosphere, and welcome your guests. They really know they are at a party when they see walls festooned with festivity, and nice big personalised party banners certainly add to this. These can also be bought online, from surprisingly cheap prices for a medium sized banner, all the way to huge backdrops like you would find at a wedding or behind a candy table. Yes, you can get them printed at a retail printer too, however online is so much easier its ridiculous


Birthday cake

A cake is expected, and anticipated, at nearly any birthday party. Nicely decorated, it shows the effort has been put in and makes the birthday boy or girl feel extra special. Even more so if their name or photo is on it, or if there is a cake topper that has been custom printed with a favourite theme. These are called edible images, and can look awesome – for a surprisingly low outlay. The only limit to the theme is your imagination really.


These are a few of our ideas on how to bling your birthday – in old fashioned grown up speak, that means make it a little bit more special!


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