Baptism ideas for 2016

A new year brings new seasons, new fashions and yes, new ideas.

This is true in all kinds of industries, from fashion and food to architecture, styling and design. Its not far fetched at all then to know that this extends to events, celebrations, parties, and yes, baptisms and christening ceremonies.


A common question we are asked is what is on trend for this season….of course, the answer will vary. Some years, for example, certain colours or shades are all the rage. Other years it’s all about colour combinations, such as black and white, or blue and green. Still other years everyone wants to feature photos as a part of their personalised designs.


This blog post is all about baptism ceremonies, so here goes.


When it comes event supplies, many people focus exclusively on price. While there is no denying that a cheap price helps when it comes to budgeting, there are times when this shouldn’t be your only consideration.


Take invitations for example. These are the first communication your party guests will receive about your event, in most cases. Remember the saying….first impressions count? Or perhaps this one…you never get a second chance to make a first impression? It is very important that your baptism invitations be right. Not expensive – there is not much value in paying too much – but affordable, well designed invites you can buy online are the way to go. Don’t sacrifice quality to save a small amount, everyone has a story about saving money, getting stuck with poor quality and regretting it.


Before we touch on trends, lets examine the event itself. A baptism.


Ingredients? Usually :


  • A baby


  • A priest


  • A church


  • Plenty of family and friends.


One of the more popular themes for a baptism is quite obvious to most people. Religion. After all, a baptism to many people means introducing a new soul, a baby,  to family, friends, the congregation and the world. So it has religious significance and therefore these overtones are entirely appropriate.


We see all kinds of custom invitations designs around the web, along with matching themed bonbonniere – these baptism chocolate bars are a great idea. Cute, reasonably priced, a custom chocolate bar is not only excellent bonbonniere, but a nice way to provide your guests with a delicious treat.


Popular themes emerging this year that we have seen? The perennial favourites are back, with gentle pastels as well as photo designs still leading the way. These can look particularly stunning on a bold black background. Have a look at some of these for example….

Here are some ideas for a girls birthday party



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