Looking for invitation ideas and don’t know where to start….

Looking for invitation ideas and don’t know where to start….

Perhaps we can help. A special event should be exactly that, special. And making that happen isn’t difficult but sometimes, particularly if you are a busy person, it can be troublesome knowing how to start.

Let’s take a 40th birthday party as an example. Like all events, you will need a few basics, such as invitations, a venue, a guest list, some party supplies. But how to make it just that little bit extra special?

Most people look online these days. For example, you could buy invitations online – there are lots to choose from. Some are quite cheap, but will this get you the style that you like. Have a look at this 40th birthday invitation design. Some great elements there, a photo of the birthday boy, and a photo of a much younger version. Flames. And a cheeky message – look what happened in 40 years?

Or you could go with a cheap set of invitations and party supplies, like you could buy at most supermarkets or bulk stores. Hmmm we think the effect might be a bit different – well okay completely different.

Or you could take a chance and buy from some random shop on one of those online bazaars in Australia such as Ebay, or Etsy or Zazzle or…or…well there are quite a few places. But do you ever know who you are dealing with. Can you pick up the phone and call them if you have a question. We think that’s important, both for peace of mind and rapid clarity if needed. Too many businesses hide behind an email and a mobile telephone.

Where were we? Oh yes, the price point question. It’s like this. You can focus on price if that’s all that’s important but we think you should focus on the desired result. Imagine you are going to have a big party at your place. Lots of people coming, everything is on show and under scrutiny.

If you want people turning up excited and enthusiastic from the get go, or not turning up at all, the difference between these two outcomes could be as little as a few dollars spend on getting quality kids party invitations designed and printed.

Lets face it. If you invited twenty people but sent out terrible invitations, and only ten turned up, how would that affect the afternoon. Don’t risk disappointment – we say buy from a reputable designer, from a shop with a strong online reputation and following.

Harley Davidson themed edible image party supplies

Perhaps one area you can afford to skimp a little is getting bulk printing done. There isn’t as much pressure on a specific event, so  getting cheap flyers printed online makes sense. Often all you will be trying to do is get a message out, for example for a fete, or a garage sale, or promote a trades person’s services. The quality has to be decent but not gold plated. There are plenty of online print studios that provide this service, so while it pays to shop around it also pays to buy from a business that is in the same country if possible – that will minimise delivery delays. Plus, if you choose one with a local telephone number to call, any issues are quickly resolved.

That’s all for this post. Thanks for stopping by J


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