Some hot new designs from an Australian favourite online print shop.

Some hot new designs from an Australian favourite online print shop.

Gone are the days when getting things custom printed meant taking out a second mortgage on the family home. Why you may ask, was this the case – glad you did. We will pause for a second to wax lyrical about the vagaries of printing cost dynamics 101.

Way back when, printing machines were big heavy beasts made of metal. They had teeth, and cogs, and things that went around and made noise. And you needed to know exactly how to work them or it all went wrong rather quickly.

These days, printers not only print faster, and better, but of course cheaper. You still need a fair bit of technical know how, and the big ones still cost a bit but they ARE quieter, which means less scary.

What this means for you, the casual online shopper, looking for great quality but hoping to bag a bargain? Again, glad you asked.

After many years of being known as a top quality custom invitations online print shop, Little Dance has branched out. Not as in like a big leafy tree, but more like listening to customers, and developing products to meet their wants and needs. Not only for event needs, party needs, wedding needs and more, but also budget needs. Affordable pricing and good service.

Years ago, if you were going to hold a prestige type event, such as a christening or a wedding, you would need to engage a custom design specialist, so things such as christening invitations would suddenly get very expensive.

To match with the theme of affordability, Little Dance also stocks and sells kids party supplies online, from their Australian studio. Shipping Australia wide, and based in Melbourne – its nice to know you are buying local, where possible.

Getting back to the topic of online printing, the team at Little Dance have invested in a modern wide format digital printer, capable of printing on multiple different papers and media. The benefit to customers, and their event planning, is huge. Literally, huge.

Huge birthday banners to hang on walls. Massive photographic backdrops to sit behind candy tables. Or – now here’s a thought – to create single colour or colour neutral backgrounds for stock or static photography.picture of paper drinking straws

A common unspoken question from many who shop online is – what forms of payment do you accept, and – is my payment secure.  Fair questions and for very obvious reasons.

Little Dance Invitations accepts credit cards such as VISA and Mastercard, as well as Paypal. All transactions are conducted in an SSL secured environment for your peace of mind. It may help to know that with thousands of Facebook fans, and after being in business online for eight years, Little Dance have helped thousands of people to have awesome events and parties.

Why visit the malls and face the traffic, parking hassles and hours of walking when with a few simple clicks of your mouse you can shop to your hearts content. Beautiful banners, inspiring invitations, backdrops and more, all in the one fun online shopping venue, Little Dance.

Photography backdrop


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