When does a shower probably not involve getting wet? When it’s a Baby Shower

When does a shower probably not involve getting wet? When it’s a Baby Shower

If you have had children be warned, memories may be awoken with this post. Remember those first days of doubt…am I…are we?? As the days rolled on, the doubt lessened, until the test confirmed the happy news : baby is on the way.

Well. Life just took a quantum turn and will never be the same again. So many questions, so few certainties, so many possibilities. Time to plan the nursery, the clothes, the baby essentials such as a pram, nappies, perhaps a baby monitor, almost certainly a stroller or a pram.

Side note : did you know that “Pram “is a shortened version of the English word “perambulator” no kidding. We like pram.

All of these essentials cost money, of course. And that’s where that ancient rite of passage, the baby shower can prove rather useful.

For the un initiated, a baby shower party is a happy ceremony, usually attended by women, most of whom have had children. These days its customary to give gifts to the expectant mum. These gifts should be baby or maternity related, which is kind of neat because it takes the some of the cost out of raising bub, at least in the early months. Such gifts are usually provided with advice, sometimes welcome, sometimes not, but always provided, nevertheless.

Personalized baby shower invitation

So when you look at it that way, a baby shower is a party, very similar to a birthday. There are baby shower invitations, as opposed to birthday party invitations. Games, humor, guests and gifts, but rather than the gifts being presents, which is appropriate for a kids birthday party, they are baby themed. We get it.


Baby birth announcement


But how many of us have experience planning a baby shower? In the modern world, where families are smaller, most of us will plan one to three baby showers. So there is a high chance of this being your first.

Here are some free tips to help you to hold a fun baby shower, and make it the success that you would like it to be.

First, decide on the guest list. It’s wise to include family, close friends. Some may also be your workmates. Some workplaces hold a separate baby shower type ceremony.

Next, consider the theme. This is particularly relevant if you have settled on a desired nursery theme – if your baby shower guests are in tune with this theme, you can end up being given some really nice personalised gifts.

Now it’s time to choose a venue, and send out your invites. If you use these to convey the theme, its also a good time to let your guests know – if you want to let it be known – the gender of bub that is on the way. Important if you want to be given gender specific gifts, of course. If you want to keep bubs gender a secret, not a problem, there are plenty of gender neutral baby shower invitation designs to choose from.

Last, but not at all least. You will need some fun baby shower games and activities. Here is a list that will help to make sure your baby shower guests enjoy themselves. After all, its important there is lots of fun at a party, yes J


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