All kinds of invitations for all kinds of occasions – Winter 2015 update

All kinds of invitations for all kinds of occasions – Winter 2015 update

With snow falling on the hills and a chilly breeze drifting in from Antarctica, it’s easy to see why many people go into a sort of hibernation mode for the winter.  Not wanting to brave the elements, outdoor projects get held over until spring and summer, and our sporting focus changes too.

That said, life doesn’t stop. After all, about half of the world’s population has a birthday in winter time, and we simply cannot put them off till summer, can we. It’s true that weddings tend to be held in the warmer months, however just how long do you wait to get married? And with the majority of christenings and baptisms being held indoors, in a church or other religious facility, it seems reasonable to say that these happen all year round.

If you are planning an event in the winter months, you do need to make a few considerations first. The first and most important is venue. Make sure that the venue you choose is warm, and suitable to the event. There isn’t much point planning a garden wedding or a lakeside christening in winter…unless you plan on supplying a lot of umbrellas or hiring a multiple marquees. Far better to leave the element of ambush by weather out of it and hold your event indoors.

Once you have confirmed a venue, its time to choose your guest list, and plan a theme. A theme is important for many events – it gives your guests some direction as to what is expected of them on the day, and can also be loads of fun. Some examples would include a religious theme for christening and baptisms, forma or informal for weddings, and for kids birthday parties, well the list could go on for a long time indeed. Pirate, princess, fairy, fireman, clown, robot, science, ballerina, makeover, slumber – are some of the themes we have designed for recently.

Robot themed kids birthday cake

Settled on a theme? Its time to incorporate this in your invitations. For christening and baptism invitations, a photo is a good thing to use, surrounded by elements that will feature in the ceremony. Perhaps a crucifix, or angels, and colours to highlight a boy or girls event. Kids parties are similar. If you are holding a fireman themed birthday party, you can buy kids party invitations online that feature fire trucks, sirens, fireman’s helmets and so on. Quite cheaply too.


Another type of event that cannot wait until summer is a baby shower, so we will touch on invitations for these as well. While photo invitations are not really possible in many cases, sometimes an ultrasound image is used. Other popular themed baby shower invitation designs that we have seen recently include elements such as a stork, nappies, cribs, as well as a really gorgeous personalised design using baby forest animals. We think this one is uber cute.

Baby shower invitation personalised

Most of these can all be found for sale online – the one thing to remember of course when ordering online is to allow enough time for products to be designed, printed and then delivered – don’t leave it till the last minute.


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