Party ideas post : Popular invitation designs for kids birthday parties.

Party ideas post : Popular invitation designs for kids birthday parties.

If you are going to hold a birthday party for a younger child, its good that you are planning ahead.

With a little planning and timely preparation, your party is far more likely to be the success you no doubt want it to be.

One of the best ways to be certain that your little boy’s birthday or little girls party is a roaring hit is to choose a fun theme. Younger kids love a good game of make believe, and a themed party is exactly that – a whole afternoon or evening of fun and play.

We are going to have a quick look at some of the more popular party themes, along with some of the custom party supplies you can buy online that go along with these.

Personalised party bunting flags Personalised party bunting flags

One year old birthday parties :

One of the simpler parties to plan for, a first birthday is a dream. We reckon that’s because one year old children are so easy to please. A few sweet treats, a yummy scrummy cake from the supermarket or local bakery, candles to blow out. And the party entertainment? Balloons, perhaps some music, a lucky dip….loads of fun and oh so affordable. One of the must haves at a first birthday party are photo invitations. A snapshot in time of just how far we have gone and how much your little one has grown, these will stay on the fridge for a very long time. Balloons are, of course, a very popular theme on these, as well as party hats, candles and cake. Another good theme is teddy bears…for a teddy bears picnic perhaps?

Two, three, four, and five year old party themes

As our children grow older and stronger, they become more active. Their birthday parties tend to reflect this, both in terms of the activities and entertainments, as well as invitations and decorations. By this age, many children start to develop distinct tastes and preferences. Younger children may have a favourite TV cartoon character or super hero. Popular themes might include superheroes, or a popular movie theme, such as Minions, for example.

Minions inspired kids party invitation Minions inspired kids party invitation

Four and five year olds may still enjoy these themes but by then imagination has begun to develop and we often see things such as Princes and Princesses, Cops and Robbers, as well as more active entertainments. These might include a jumping castle, a travelling farmyard, or professional  character entertainments such as a pirate, a fairy, or even a magician.

Of course, if you are going to have something like this at your child’s party it makes sense that the invitations reflect this.  Hint :to make sure your guests can find your event, why not get a huge birthday welcome banner made to hang near the door. These can be bought for very reasonable prices online, but make sure you choose your online shop wisely. It’s a good idea to buy from a business that has a good reputation – checking out their Facebook following or feedback is a good idea too.

We will be posting more on this topic in further posts – hope to see you back here again soon.


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