Table decoration ideas for weddings, christenings and birthday events.

Table decoration ideas for weddings, christenings and birthday events.

If you are planning a significant event and need ideas, this might well be a post for you. In this post, we will outline some handy tips and ideas to help you decorate your guests table settings to be the best they can be.

First, let’s set the scene. It could be a wedding. Or maybe even a christening. The invitations have been personalised and printed, and have been sent to your guests. While waiting for the RSVP’s perhaps the nerves kick in.

You likely already have an idea as to how many have been invited, but still need to know how many guests will actually attend. You will need to know this so you can plan seating arrangements, get catering specifics, and place the orders to get all of this happening.

As time goes by, the RSVP’s begin to arrive, slowly at first, then en masse, leaving only a few who have not replied. So you follow them up with a phone call. Finally it is done. You know who will be attending, and who won’t. But how to get them all to do what you need?

If it is a formal event, its best not to leave too much open to chance. Once the RSVP cards have arrived, it’s a good idea to send out an order of service. This might include a one page seating plan to make things easy for your guests. If you organise this with the same place that printed your wedding invitations, you could get flyers printed online for this purpose, perhaps even in the same theme.

Online flyer printing

That way as your guests arrive they will know where to sit, so there isn’t any last minute fuss. If it’s a formal dinner you are planning for, its important that tables and chairs be decorated to impress. Chairs covered and wrapped with large ribbons and sashes look stunning, but if you go to that level with the chairs, you need to do it with the tables as well.

Choose decent cutlery. That’s important. Pretty table cloths that match the chairs too. An ugly clash of colour simply would never do. At each table, a personalised place card or name card to confirm exactly who is meant to sit at any given place. If people who don’t get on sit too close together an evening can turn out quite wrong, and that’s not what we are after.

Last, but certainly far from least, a table needs decorating. This could take the form of a grandiose central display, perhaps floral, perhaps glass, or even a candy display. One we really like involves clever use of light and glass – in a dining room with low light these are very impressive.

Or you could go down the quaint path, with things like these little pretend grass mats cleverly placed in woodland theme. It all depends on the event and the style you are after.

plastic grass mats

One thing is for sure – don’t leave this part up until the last minute. Even once you settle on a theme, you still need to allow enough time to order online, have your order packed and sent to you, and then to make sure you have received it all. Nothing like the stress of last minute running around to take the shine off your party preparation.

More on this topic in our next related post. Until then, stay safe and enjoy your event planning.


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