Beat the winter blues : Impromptu party afternoon ideas.

Beat the winter blues : Impromptu party afternoon ideas.

Do you need a reason to hold a party? Most people wait till a birthday rolls around, or a special holiday weekend. Common examples include things such as Australia Day, Labor Day, or, if you are a Melburnian, that uniquely Melbourne institution Melbourne Cup Day. ( Just Google The race that stops a nation and you will see what that’s all about )

But is this necessary? Do you need an excuse? We say no. Lets face it. During winter, the skies are grey, often raining, and its usually cold.  All. The. Time. Why not invite a few friends over and share some quality time?

Here are a few ideas for fun winter party themes that wont break the budget. Party tip – given that these are often short notice, you may or may not need kids party invitations for these, but if you do, here is where to buy some really good ones online.

Winter Outdoor Party Idea One  : The bonfire party.

The perfect way to do some fire gazing and social bonding at the same time. A nice big roaring bonfire, flames crackling high to begin with, then simmering down to embers. Toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate, stories and laughter. Pros : No big mess inside. Cons  : Need fuel, and a nice back yard. Best on a still night otherwise you will need to move around every now and then to avoid getting smoked out!

Invitation with bonfire flames

Winter Outdoor Impromptu Adults Party Idea Two  : The Barbecue afternoon

If you have a gas fired barbecue, a reasonable outdoor entertaining area and an outdoor setting, this one is a ripper of an idea. Kick it off with a relaxing meal, let the kids scream around the back yard while the grown ups swap stories and jokes. Pros  : Lots. Everyone gets fed, the kids have a good play, loads of sweets and lollies get eaten. Cons  : Not many. Works best in backyards with no mozzie issues. For those of you who are reading this and are not based in Australia, a mozzie is an angry sounding buzzing insect, that likes to drink blood. They are known to grow as large as a small bird – not quite the size of a seagull, perhaps more like a very very angry budgerigar. Just kidding about that bit. They are still annoying though.

One thing we are not kidding about however is the simple fact that sharing an impromptu – or even planned at short notice – party afternoon with friends is a fun and low cost way to bond, play, and lift spirits in winter. If you are having a garden party for younger children you can even splash out on some small party favours for children, perhaps for a lucky dip, or even a treasure hunt. A treasure hunt is an ideal way to keep kids busy for a decent amount of time – it can be done without clues, or with a list of clues that lead the children all over the place. In the meantime, us grown ups are forced to do all the hard work, perhaps relaxing in a deck chair, soaking up the afternoon sun….or chatting over a cuppa.


Garden party invitation



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