Save Money on Your Next Candy Buffet Table – DIY

Save Money on Your Next Candy Buffet Table – DIY


All parties, weddings, birthdays, christenings and other events have several things in common. The events are usually around a person, or people. There will be invitations. Fun and happiness to, we hope. And food. Always food. In many cultures, the act of breaking bread with someone, sharing a meal or preparing food for guests, is seen as a way of honouring them, or an act of friendship.

According to Wikipedia, the breaking bread custom means

And so we move forward to today. Your guests arrive, honouring you with their presence. And this is in turn acknowledged by your gift of food to them. There are many aspects and possibilities when it comes to party food but this post is about candy and lolly buffets.

A candy buffet is usually a table, laden with candy, lollies and sweets, beautifully presented. Each type of candy is separate to the others, usually themed, and colour co -ordinated.  For example, if the theme of the party is Frozen, a range of blue party supplies would be used, such as blue jelly beans, blue labels and tags, and perhaps a stunning blue Frozen inspired personalized backdrop behind it all. Light blue pompoms and balloons too, perhaps.

Pink jelly beans

A major deciding factor on the success or otherwise of a candy table is how it looks. The decorations are a critical part of your candy buffet supplies, and shouldn’t be overlooked. In order to make sure your candy table is the hit you want it to be with your birthday, party, wedding or christening guets, you have two options.

The first is to engage a professional event organiser who specializes in candy buffet presentation.  They will usually take care of the whole thing for you, the sourcing of lollies and sweets, the decorations, set up and pack down. And it will usually look – and taste – awesome. Professionals don’t work for free however, and having a party planner set up a candy buffet table for you can quickly become expensive.

The other – and somewhat cheaper option – is to save money on your party supplies and make your own candy buffet table.  You can do this online, as most of the items you will often need are pretty easy to find.

Event planning tip : If you can, buy all of your lolly table supplies from the one provider. Talk with them during the purchase about what you are trying to achieve – a competent provider will often have experience in this area, and be able to suggest things that you may not have considered. Things, perhaps, such as how to present your various dishes to your guests. Buying from a supermarket is one option, but they may not have much in the way of personalized items.

One option is a smorgasbord style table, where guests help themselves to lollies and sweets displayed in pretty glass jars. Other options might be to have a central display, with a selection of small bags and boxes pre filled with candies. Sort of like a French fry box, or noodle box style with handles. Again, if you are buying from a business that also creates stationery, they can custom make labels and stickers for you for these.

Personalised lollipops for a candy buffet

These are some of the key elements that are essential to making your very own DIY candy buffet table. We hope they help – we know they helped us. Over time, we will be posting more on this topic, so watch this space!


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