Party favours that are party favourites

Party favours that are party favourites

Everybody likes getting gifts. If you are the birthday boy or birthday girl at a party, we all know you will be looking forward to getting birthday presents. Particularly if you are holding a party with lots of guests. This means lots of presents right? Yayy!!

Lets turn the tables for a then. Imagine you are a guest at a party. You get the invitation, go out and buy a birthday present to give as you arrive. The big day arrives, Mum or Dad drop you off, and in you go.

Loads of party food is laid on, games and activities too. Gorgeous party decorations to brighten the mood. Perhaps even professional entertainment. You desperately hope there are no clowns. Why? Well statistics say a huge percentage of kids are scared of clowns and this is you. Whew. No clown.

So after many games, laughter, loads of party sweets and too much sugar it’s time to go. Tired, but happy – and our parents hope, ready for a nap,, we say good bye, and thank you.  And out the door we go.

Let’s try that exit again. Before we head out the door, the birthday boy or girl shakes our hand, and gives us a small party bag or box full of treats. What’s this? Treats for the road? It just gets better and better!

A small gift at the end of an event is called a favour. These are similar to bonbonniere, however we will point out the differences. The main differences are the style,  the budget, and the types of events you will find them at.

At a child’s birthday party, you would often find kids party favours. These could well be personalised, or perhaps the cheaper, generic supermarket kind. Some of the things that you might find in a favour box would be lollies, cheap novelties, toys, games and similar. Themed events might often feature themed party favours, such as magic tricks, and so on. You would not often find bonbonniere at a birthday party.

If you are attending or hosting a christening ceremony, you could have bonbonniere, or christening favours, or both. There are subtle differences between the two, however for christenings, and for weddings, bonbonniere and favours are almost interchangeable. In some cultures a party favour is used in place of invitations

Golf themed caricature invitation

If you are looking for favours for birthday parties, online is the best place to go. From Ebay to Amazon and a host of smaller websites in between there is a lot to choose from. The main rule of thumb we think if you are looking for personalised party favours or custom christening bonbonniere online is to allow plenty of time. After all, they need to be designed, then made, then sent to you. In todays world of instant expectation some things still take time. A good party supply business will be resourced appropriately, and respond quickly but don’t leave the important things till the last minute and run the risk of not receiving items on time.

Christening bonbonniere


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