Online printing solutions – are retail print shops a thing of the past?

Online printing solutions – are retail print shops a thing of the past?

In days of old when knights were bold….and printing had just been invented, printed books and the like were expensive and hard to come by. Which wasn’t such a big problem because only a small percentage of the population of the planet Earth could actually read.

This goes a long way to explaining why popular magazines, light weight fiction and interest publications didn’t get launched until centuries later.  What was involved was that someone – who could read – had to manually set the individual letters into order, to enable the printing press to work.

Then we fast forward a few hundred years, to the end of the industrial age. Printing machines had evolved to the point where mass readership could be reached, however the cost of sophisticated high speed presses was still at a level to prohibit mass market entry. In other words, not many could afford those big machines. And more to the point, you could only really own one if you had a market.

What this meant was that the power to spread information was still held in the hands of a select few. Enter the internet.

While its fair to say that, since the advent of the world wide web, the importance of books, magazines and similar have declined, there is still an underlying need for affordable business printing, and it is this market that has remained steady. In volume anyway. The advent of smaller machines has enabled many larger businesses to in house their digital printing needs.

But what about smaller businesses, trades people such as plumbers, electricians, and smaller retail shops. Lacking the steady volume of a large company with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of employees, buying a high quality digital printing machine is out of reach.

That’s why the team at Little Dance have invested in a state of the art digital print solution. Printing in crystal clear high resolution, they have listened to customer demand and today offer a full in house online printing shop for business printing.


Because all overheads have already been met, they are able to compete both on price and quality with some of the largest online printers – if you are looking for business stationery, including custom work, Little Dance is well worth considering.

Some of the range includes


Online since 2007, Little Dance Invitations has a huge range of custom stationery, announcements, and personalized invitations for all sorts of special occasions. From baby and kids events to weddings and milestone birthday occasions. A full range of personalised party supplies & decorations are also available with most designs

Business cards

These are printed on a heavy gauge card, and can be printed singled or double sided, in black and white or colour. If you are looking for a print only solution and can supply your own design, Little Dance has very low prices, offering a very cheap business card printing service online. We think its one of the cheapest around.


From small to large, A6, A5, and A4 flyers, all can be printed and sent promptly. As online flyer printing is still a new option for the team, this part of the site currently caters to those who need to print their own flyers.


Remember visiting someones house and seeing all those postcards from local businesses on the fridge? A 6 x 4 A6 postcard is perfect for a letter box drop. Publicize your business locally, at prices that will not be beaten anywhere. Quotes available for large volumes from 100 to 5000 units, more by arrangement.

All from the one, well  known, trusted, Australian online shop.

A6 postcards sample


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