Fun birthday cake ideas for icing – affordable, online and in Australia

Fun birthday cake ideas for icing – affordable, online and in Australia

Every birthday should have a birthday party. And every kids birthday party deserves a yummy birthday cake.

That’s a pretty simple statement but getting it just right isn’t quite so simple every time for everyone.

Birthday candles

Let’s explore that rather open statement shall we?

Everyone has individual tastes. And while most parents will get it right most of the time, for example buying a t shirt with Lightning McQueen on it is great if your little boy liked Cars – the movie. If your daughter is a huge fan of My Little Pony then get them clothes or bedroom decorations that feature this. Simple, right?

But what about birthday parties? These are a high profile social event although not to the extent of a wedding – and often a coming of age thing too for kids. They get judged by their peers at times. So there is a rather bright emotional spotlight shining on whoever is organising the event, and like the deer in the proverbial headlights, sometimes it can seem like there is nowhere to hide.

First piece of advice : Relax. Breathe deeply.

In order to make sure your childs birthday goes without a hitch, here are a few basic event planning tips that will help.

One : Make your guests remember their arrival

Two  : You need a birthday cake that shows you made an effort. People respect effort. And wow is a neat word to hear.

Three Make sure you farewell each guest individually. Doing this reinforces the fact their attendance was valued.

Now lets touch on the most important part of this post : the bit about kids birthday cake ideas online

Younger children’s parties don’t need a super fancy cake in most instances. They wont appreciate multi tiered cake with interactive figurines. But they will all enjoy seeing a cake, with their name on it, and a selection of candles to blow out.

The simplest way to do this is with a basic cake you can buy at a supermarket, pretty much anywhere in Australia. These wont usually have the name on them, so you may need to invest in some cheap fondant and write it on there yourself.

If you would like something that looks a little more special and personalised, and want an easy and affordable way to do this, why not consider a cheap personalised edible image?  Pricing on these can vary depending on the quality of the store, but in many cases these are available for under $15 or so.

Better yet, if you use the services of an online shop that specializes in personalizing party experiences, there is a good chance they can theme other party supplies in the same way as your edible image. You will probably need invitations, for straters. Most will deliver Australia wide, for a relatively low fee.

Edible images

Here are some of the more popular themes readily available, that you can order online in Australia

Disco and Dance

Ballet or ballerina


Fairy fantasy

Frozen inspired


Cops and robbers


And heaps more besides!


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