Personalised – is making things just for you.

When run of the mill just won’t do – Personalised is just for you.

Every person on the planet is unique. We all have faces that look different, and personalities too. Our upbringings shape our expectation. Our hopes and our dreams. One thing doesn’t change, no matter where in the world you come from. Everybody has hopes and dreams, no matter how big or small.

Remember when you were little? Every year there were two days you would really look forward to above all others. One was the day when the jolly man in red, Santa himself, would make his non appearance, and disappearing act, leaving a pile of presents in his wake. That would be Christmas day.

Personalised Christmas ornament - sleigh


Personalised Christmas ornament - holly

The other day of course, is your child’s birthday. And while its true that mum perhaps deserves at least as much recognition on a birthday, the truth is that its all about the child. Young, old or grown up, there is always a child in all of us. And everybody wants their birthday to be special. Remember the days and weeks leading up to your birthday when you were a kid. Ever had that nagging fear that no one would remember? And then, the morning of your birthday, that anxiety, uncertainty, and – in most cases, unfounded. Relief.

Lets go back to being kids again. Would you rather have had a plain old birthday cake, one or two balloons, and a sad streamer sagging from the ceiling? Too often this can happen, leading to disappointment. It often happens because we are too busy, too caught up in all the things that have to happen each day, its called the rat race we think. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With a little forethought and some clever online shopping, any event can be rescued from the doom and gloom of boring – going from how? To WOW! Here’s a few ideas on ways to make sure that your little boy or girls next birthday is everything they hope it to be.

Step one – choose a theme they like. And plan around this.

This can be a surprise party or you can let your child know in advance. Be warned though, letting them know in advance can raise the expectation levels up a few notches. Choose something that is contemporary, hopefully something many of their friends also like


Step two – set a realistic budget.

Have a think about how many guests you are going to invite. Rather than inviting the whole class it may be more effective to stick to half a dozen or so good friends and really make things look good.


Step three – personalise your kids party supplies to match your chosen theme.

From invitations to decorations, such as photo invitations, custom kids party banners – all are for sale online. You can even have icing images with photos on them if you want an extra special looking birthday cake. Speaking of birthday cakes, here is an article about the origin of birthday cakes if anyone is interested.


Step four – send out the invitations.

These could be cheap photo invitations or professionally designed invites. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that they look good, and make people excited about attending. You can buy these online at many great online stores.


Step five – everyone has fun

Its that simple.


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