Some fun new invitation designs and ideas – Winter 2015

Some fun new invitation designs and ideas – Winter 2015

As the seasons change, so to do the trends and fashions in many industries. With clothes, its colour, fabric and style. With houses is floor plans and features. With tech its convenience and price. The search is always on for the next best thing, and most people are keen to be seen to be on trend.

I think that’s the latest buzz phrase anyway.

Its not a lot different in the party supplies industry. Each year, in fact each season, a new idea or marketing pitch by the large movie companies introduces merchandise, apparel, cartoons and more – and for childrens birthday parties, this has obvious flow on effects.

Lets explore something we will call the Frozen effect. Following the success of a mega hit movie, every little girl wanted to be Elsa. Of course this meant that light blue robes, crowns, tiaras, and winter themes were all the rage at girls birthday parties around the world. In a short space of time, Frozen themed party supplies became commercially available, along with custom made and personalised invitations. These were mostly available online.

Now not all online invitation shops take their lead from the movies, but saying that, popular demand will always have an influence. Here are a few designs that we think are going to be very popular. We have featured younger childrens invitation designs, as well as a couple of designs for other, non birthday related.

Fantasy toadstool kids party invitation

Paw patrol inspired – a birthday party theme

Paw patrol is a kids cartoon series, where the dogs are the heroes. This is perhaps better suited to a younger childs birthday party invitation. Don’t forget, the highlight of any kids party is the birthday cake, and we can print this design as an edible image for a kids birthday cake. These always make little eyes sparkle, both at the idea of eating a birthday cake, combined with the fact that they look stunning. Of course, these products are custom made, and only available for sale online in Australia.

Paw patrol personalised kids party invitation


Lace – a christening theme.

With a beautiful purple background and a delicate flowing central artwork, our Lace design has just been released for winter. The nature of this design, with a graceful, sophisticated feel, means that it is proving quite popular as a christening invitation design, along with associated matching themed christening supplies. We can create this as a beautiful banner, table top place cards, tags, too. Other items that match this design well include pom poms, balloons and streamers with a similar lavender or purple colour.


Moustache fun – for grown ups birthday parties

Is there someone in your life with a ridiculously large moustache? Perhaps you are holding a costume party….where a moustache could well feature in the disguises. Our moustache theme is a funny, gentle design with festive artwork and a colourful background. Available as a wide range of custom party supplies from edible image icing sheets, to invitations, banners, candy buffet lollipops, and more.

Thanks for stopping by our blog. We will post more designs over time. Hope to see you back soon.


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