Design focus : Baby shower invitations, decorations and supplies

Design focus : Baby shower invitations, decorations and supplies

A baby shower is arguably one of the first of life’s ceremonies. We are going to leave the debate about when life actually starts to the experts, the main point is that a new life is being celebrated – and it’s the first celebration.

The main subjects of a baby however are the mother to be, and the baby on the way. It’s hardly suprising therefore that two of the most popular baby shower themes revolve around the mother, or images and stylisations of the mum to be, as well as baby images.

We are going to spend some time discussing these, however there are other great ideas that we see from time to time, and we will touch on these a bit later.

Popular mummy to be images for baby showers:

Some young mums choose images of themselves, or their pregnant belly to feature on a baby shower invitation.

Pregnant belly baby shower invitation personalised

While these make excellent photo invitations if your intention is to theme your decorations and bonbonniere in the same theme, it may be better to use another image. This is where a pregnant tummy, or even an ultrasound image can be very effective, and look great.  Consideration too should be given to the colours used, and if any other artwork is to be chosen. This is especially true if you are going to have a large banner or poster printed for your baby shower.

Pregnant belly baby shower invitation personalised

This can be used to provide hints around the gender of the bub to be born, and accentuate the central image. If using a photo don’t forget to consider the use of focus or out of focus –which will depend on the type of image you choose. Photo – perhaps soft focus or out of focus, while an ultrasound needs to be as clear as possible. These kinds of designs carry across well to bonbonniere or guest gifts, such as custom chocolate bars. Gorgeous and delicious.

Another option is to use your baby shower theme to give your guests clues. Ideas as to what you may like. No we are not talking silverware here but possibly things such as special treasures, heirlooms, nursery decorations or even manchester. For an example of a neat theme, have a look at this baby shower theme featuring baby forest animals.

The practical minded might even see an opportunity to ask for a wishing well style approach, using a gift registry. After all, raising a baby is far from a cheap exercise. Things such as nursing bottles, nappies, a cot, bedding, linen, baby monitor, perhaps even a stroller, pram or capsule style safety seat for the car. How practical is that? And safe too.

Or perhaps one of those uber functional baby nappy day bags, with waterproof pockets for nappies, insulated pockets for bottles, and more pockets for everything you might need one for.

We have digressed a bit from the basic decorations and styling topic that we started with but we think our point has been made. Loads of potential, and best of all, its all for sale online in Australia.


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