Making parties, weddings and christenings look pretty.

Making parties, weddings and christenings look pretty.

Hello all to another post in our series about event planning. Today ‘s post has a focus on decorations.

Before we begin, we are going to play a short game of complete the sentence.

If the sentence is the title above…Making parties look pretty, here are a few common finishes that we encounter.


….using personalised decorations

….for boys

for girls

…for birthdays

…for christenings

…for weddings

We make mention of these specifically because we get asked questions along these lines all the time, when it comes to party supplies and decorating events.

Most people want their event, be it a formal wedding, family christening, or a kids birthday party, to be special. Not run of the mill. Featuring something that will only be found at their special day. That’s where personalised, unique, boutique or niche products are a perfect fit for this need. More on that in a little while.

Affordable is big too. Note that affordable can mean cheap from a buyers perspective cost wise, but a desire for low cost, cheap products does not mean that people will be happy with things that are cheaply made, or that look cheap. This is what is called a cross purpose, and can be quite a tall order, or in today’s correct speak, ambitious, or “a challenge”

Another two sentence finishers above were the words for boys and for girls. While the name of the event might be the same, the colours, the styles, the artwork popularly used to signify a gender are very different. And it doesn’t stop at blue for boys and pink for girls. Not these days folks.

Talking of styles, the last two sub categories are christenings, and weddings. Both are very formal events, and hopefully, once in a life time events. Weddings used to be formal affairs, and sometimes still are, while christenings tend to be religious themed.

Last, but not least are birthday parties. The style and format for a birthday party can vary with the taste, the age, the gender, the theme, and even the venue chosen for an event. The decorations you choose need to be in line with this, or risk looking out of place.

Here are some of our more popular types of decorations and online party supplies.

Bunting flags.

Pretty lines of bunting flag decorations can look very stylish. Fabric bunting can look cute at younger childrens events, but if you want to buy a lot of bunting, personalised paper bunting is something you can order affordably online.


A great way to welcome guests to your event, or to provide a scenic backdrop to a celebration. These can often be co ordinated to match the colours and themes you have chosen to use on the rest of your party supplies. You can also find these online at quite low prices, by comparison.


Place cards

Name cards and place cards fall under the broad category of personalised table decorations. Again, these can be themed to your other event stationery and colours quite easily.

Tissue paper pom poms.

If you like the colour of balloons but want something a bit more up market and stylish, then tissue paper pom poms are the way to go. They don’t deflate, and have a softer, more gentle look. A word to the wise though, decorative tissue paper pom poms are more suited to indoor events, as they don’t like rain or wind.

These are our favourite tips for custom or personalised party decorations. We will post more on this topic in coming weeks, so watch this space.


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