Sweets and treats make good eats at parties and events.

Sweets and treats make good eats at parties and events.

Everybody likes candy. Some people go a bit further than like, and of course, many of those who do are children. So using a little bit of logic we can safely say that candy and kids parties are a good combination.

Of course candy, sweets and lollies are almost expected at parties, weddings and the like. What we would like to do in this post is discuss some of the different types of candies around, and how to use these for best effect.

When it comes to designing a successful candy table, its important to remember several things. We think these are as follows. Simplicity. Balance, Variety, Now, these three components don’t always work well together – it can be tricky to get it right – so let’s explore that statement.

Simplicity. Don’t over crowd or over complicate. Delicate is fine, sophisticated is perfect, but a candy table needs all of the elements to work together. Complimentary colours, appropriate spacing, not overcrowding.

Balance. This means keeping things in proportion. Perhaps a large, central item, like a cake, in the middle of the table. Smaller items nearby, causing a visual symmetrical effect. The same can be done with colours too.

Variety. This one doesn’t always go hand in hand with simplicity, so let’s clarify. What we are trying to do here is avoid dull and boring, without overcrowding. Letting each individual peace shine, which means giving it space, and thinking carefully about the presentation.

When this approach is used successfully the results can be stunning.

Now let’s get into the finer points of candy table presentation.

The first part is to get the right party supplies and decorations. These can be as cheap or as expensive as your budget allows but the key is that they need to work with the other items, You don’t need an expensive table, a standard folding table like this from the hardware shop is fine, and the best thing about these is that there are usually plenty of affordable table cloths available in standard sizes. Match this up with a decorative backdrop in colours that match your candy theme colours and you have a great start.

Okay. So now we have a table, table cloth, and backdrop. Let’s talk lollies. This is where the variety element is important
. Imagine a table that only had jelly beans on it. Tasty but boring. Not that there is anything wrong with jelly beans as a party treat but you get my point. Jelly beans yes.

Yellow jelly beans

Chocolate beans or sixlets, definitely. Crystal candy sticks look stunning too. And being on sticks easy to eat and non messy. On sticks? Lollipops are a great idea as well. A cool idea with lollipops is to have them customised with a personalised sticker. Swirls, plain colours, even giant lollipops.

Yellow lollipops

A good consideration is to have a mix of hard confectionery but also to include some softer textures. Chocolate bars or chocolate hearts with a soft inside are great, as is fairy floss. Buy some cheap glassware online to display it all in, some custom stickers or tags, and you have a great candy buffet table in the making. Last tip…..be mindful of the colour choices. Unless rainbow is your theme try to stick to two or at most three colours, that work together. For example, pink, white and black.

That’s it for wisdom dispensing for now. More in our next post!


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