Designing the perfect party invitation online.

Bringing relevance and reality back to an increasingly virtual and tech focused world.

We will start by saying that this post might be lost on Generation Z. Baby boomers, Generation X, and to a lesser extent, generation Y, will get it. But don’t worry, if you are a Z, read on, and we hope that by the time you have finished reading, things will make sense.

Say what? Confused already? Don’t be. You see, before instabook, before twittergram, before tumbloogle there was a thing. It was called the written word. And the strange thing about the written word was, that in the days before instant publication…..that it meant something. It had meaning.

With an invitation or decoration often taking significant time to design, proof, make changes, then have printed, all of this time added up to something lost in the fast paced world of today. We call it perceived effort. Lets put this another way. It might take someone hours to consider, adjust, compare and optimise the visual elements of a complex composition, with the results looking stunning. Or you could just click like, share, forward, plus, or any number of social sharing icons. With minimal effort.

One thing that hasn’t changed however is a single relevant fact. You get out from something what you put into it. People can tell when something was done with little effort, and respect that effort according to their perception. In other words, minimal effort = minimal reward. So while its easy for people to like a post or share an electronic invitation does it convey the same meaning or feeling? Or worse – it can send a very different message to the one you intend.

There is a lot to be said for sending an old fashioned paper invitation. For starters, it will reach the right people – because you choose exactly who sees it. And with the message personalised to the occasion, you know that the right people will get the right message. And that’s got to be a good thing for your event – be it a birthday, party, christening, wedding, regardless, you need your guests to get the right detail at the right time.

Now although we have spent four of the last paragraphs explaining that electronic is bad, when it comes to sending invitations with meaning, the world wide web still has a place. It’s a great place to find ideas, and, if you are time poor or not conversant with photo shop, engage a designer to get invitations made for you. Rates vary though as does quality so its often a good idea to choose a reputable business. One with a normal telephone number helps too as many hide behind a mobile or post office box. Look for references, and a strong Facebook subscriber base – after all, if thousands and thousands of people like a business, that’s got to be a good sign, right? We think so too!

So there are a few tips and our ideas on getting invitations designed online, and why anybody thinking about holding a quality event should make the effort. We hope you agree.


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