The Dandenong Ranges newest business printing studio.

The Dandenong Ranges newest business printing studio.

After many years and thousands of birthdays, parties, weddings, christenings and other events, Little Dance has added a new range to their repertoire of services. From a humble beginning as an online invitation printer, then onto a shopping destination for all things synonymous with events and personalisation, to today, where the studio offers a vast range of both niche shirt run and main stream bulk printing services.

Following popular demand from clients, the team have invested in state of the art digital printers, and now offer a comprehensive suite of business printing services, both online and in studio.

Owning your own printing machinery has several advantages. Firstly, the ability to provide a high quality print service with a fast turnaround. Secondly, and just as important to the customer, to be able to offer a consistent, low priced service.

Now that these two important points have been established, let’s have a quick look at some of the marketing materials and business printing services now on offer.

One standout success story is the range of wide format banners and posters available. From A6 to A0, and then to the larger formats, up to 1800mm in length. Posters are ideal for in store displays, promotions, sale signs, specials posters and more. These can be printed on a rate of media including matte paper, light polypropylene, canvas and adhesive polypropylene for adhesive decals.

Our A4 Flyers and leaflets are also proving very popular. Printed on a glossy or matte stock, common uses for these include letterbox drops, menus, fact sheets, information sheets and more. An A4 flyer printed in digital high resolution is ideal for displaying pictures of venues, product photos and diagrams, with accompanying text, and make excellent marketing material.
Other popular formats include A5 and A6, which are similar to A4 but smaller in size, and cheaper to buy. This gives more coverage for spend, however does slightly limit the amount of information that can be presented.
DL format flyers are also available online, at reasonable prices too. DL is often used in a slightly more formal style or presentation.
These are far from the only printed marketing material that Little Dance prints, however. We have saved two of the most popular till last.
6 X 4 Postcards. Remember back in the day when postcards were everywhere – well, those of us that remember the days before digital cameras will recall these. Not so common nowadays in the tourist areas but a very effective marketing tool. Excellent for presenting a calendar on one side, and a business information summary on the other, perhaps with a fridge magnet too. Next time you are at a friends house, check the fridge. You will likely find local business postcard style flyers on the fridge.
Last, but far from least, the humble business card. With the advent of calendars and digital memory, not as popular as in years gone by but nevertheless an important part of the business and marketing landscape. Little Dance prints business cards from your design, for a low price, and can deliver your printed business cards to you anywhere in Australia.

Other items we specialize in include a wide range of banners for children’s birthday parties, invitations made using photos, and a huge range of candy supplies for events.
Stop by the website to see more about the best business print solution for your business!


Local areas serviced include the Dandenong Ranges, Monbulk, Olinda, Kallista, Kalorama, Mount Dandenong, Sassafras, Ferny Creek, Sherbrook, Upwey, Belgrave and Tecoma


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