DIY and save. Surprisingly affordable – wedding supplies ideas.


Getting married is meant to be a happy celebration of two lives, joining together. A holy ceremony or a fun filled family celebration, the choice is yours. An issue many wedding couples face these days however is what happens to the budget when the word “wedding” is used. The price tags seem to go up and up forever, and what was once a holy and humble ceremony becomes a black hole for the family finances. This can force couples to choose between a fancy ceremony, a nice honeymoon, or the deposit on the house. And its increasingly difficult these days to afford all three.

With wedding budgets becoming a larger drain on the young family finances, it is easy to understand why these days there is a growing trend towards DIY wedding planning. With some clever online shopping, some timely planning and purchasing, you can save big bucks on many of the items your wedding will need, rather than pay a premium to have someone else do it for you.

Lets have a look at some of the areas that most weddings will have in common, starting from the proposal. Yes that’s right, even in the modern world all weddings till start with someone somewhere putting their heart, soul and future on the line by asking the age old question…”Will you marry me?” Or do they really get started when the other partner answers with “I Do!”?

From that moment, things undergo a subtle change. Some couples set a date, usually some distance in the future. This gives them time to plan for the wedding, save for the wedding, and get ready, on both an emotional and life changing level.

The bride to be and the mother in law to be tend to have more input into the organisation of a wedding than the groom. No meaningful research has been done on why this is, it just is. After all, isn’t a wedding day often referred to as “your special day” when it relates to the bride? And for grooms. Well. Don’t say you weren’t warned by your mates.

Once the day is set, often the venue is chosen at the same time. Shortly after that, a theme or style for the wedding is chosen, the guest list is drawn up, and perhaps the first thing others will hear of this is when the wedding invitations are sent. Lets face facts – a wedding day is a very big deal.

That is why wedding invitations are usually sent well in advance, so as to ensure guests can not only attend but attend in the style the occasion demands. This might mean booking accommodation, renting a tux, being available for bucks nights, or hens nights, or even a kitchen tea as well. For those who don’t know what a kitchen tea is, well, you have to go to one to know. And these are usually ladies only events. If you are going to have one of these, going online for personalized kitchen tea invitations is an excellent idea.

Where were we – that’s right – getting ready for to celebrate a marriage.  Once the venue, guest list and invitations have been sorted, things move into high gear. For the ladies, its all about dresses, styling and makeup. For the men, usually a suit at the very least, preferably a tuxedo. And there are also the actual event & wedding supplies that will be consumed on the day.

Wedding candy and sweets jars

Now when we say consumed, we mean that literally. Lets look at how a typical wedding will play out, regardless of whether it is a formal churchy style wedding or an informal, maybe garden style wedding. There is the ceremony, the exchange of rings, and vows. Usually a kiss, then celebration. In almost all cases after the ceremony there is a ritual called the wedding reception and its fair to say that this is where a large part of the expense is also incurred. While its difficult to obtain a cheap wedding venue or discounted wedding dress, its at the reception – with some smart choices – that some savings can be made.

One of the central points at a reception is the food. This can be as elaborate, or as simple as your budget and tastes prefer. Its almost an expectation at any reception that there will be a piece of wedding cake for each guest, which of course means that a wedding with a lot of guests will need a large wedding cake – that’s how we end up with two and three tier wedding cakes. Toppers are almost expected too, and your choice of wedding cake toppers – sometimes personalized or custom – often is in keeping with the style of the wedding. Some toppers can be incredibly funny, others more sedate and “respectable”.

Wedding acrylic cake topper personalised


Another very special part of a wedding is the wedding favours, which are sometimes called bonbonniere.  These are small gifts that are given to the guests at a wedding, usually with an event related theme. Its for this reason that many are personalized or custom made. This is where the internet really comes in handy. There are lots of online shopping sites in Australia, and many that cater to weddings. Some really good wedding favor ideas that you can find online are custom wedding chocolate bars in personalized wrappers. These are especially made for your event, and not only taste great, they look special too! Of course, if you are wanting to have an extra special wedding candy buffet, with personalized favors, consider mason jars and apothecary jars. These make very special favor jars for weddings, even more so when they are filled to the top with yummy sweets and lollies. And yes, of course you can also buy lollies online in Australia. Fortunately the Internet makes this part of wedding planning easy – and secure :).

So whats left to do? Why, kick back, enjoy getting married, and the party afterwards – just don’t check the invoice!




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