Holding great parties and events on a tight budget




Hello again. In one of our past posts we addressed the importance of planning ahead, in order to avoid disappointment. And one of the first things we talked about in that blog post was setting a guest list, and numbers. How many people to invite will vary event by event, and its not always an easy choice. Family usually comes first, closely followed by friends but a common balancing act is deciding whether or not to invite people who don’t get on, or people whose social standing suggests they should get an invite….but you REALLY don’t like them.

Both guest list composition and numbers of guests are very important in any planning scenario, not only in terms of venue planning and seating, but working out how much the whole event is going to cost. Once you have arrived at that number, if you are happy, great. If not, it’s time to either review the guest list in terms of who to invite and who to not invite, and if that’s not an option, work out your budget for the event, calculate that number as a cost per guest, then look for ways to save money in your party plan.

One of the first areas to look at when you are keeping costs down is to look at your choice of venue. You can spend a lot of money on hiring a nice venue but if you can’t afford to decorate or cover the tables with food and drink its a waste of money. Consider your party theme – will it suit a free venue, such as an outdoor or home based venue? If not, and money is the driving factor, it may be necessary to change your theme to one that allows a cheaper party venue.

Now lets have a quick look at some of the other items that are often found at parties and events. Invitations are always first cab off the rank but there are a lot of other components to consider. We will cover invitations in other posts – in this post we will focus on the little items, that, when put together, make up one big item – in cost, anyway.

We are talking birthday party favors here folks. For those that are unsure, a party favor is usually a small gift or present, given by the person holding the event, to the party guests. Sometimes these are given at the end of an event, most often just before guests depart. When you are giving such gifts, you have plenty of options. Save money big time and stick with the ultra low budget supermarket bought stuff or look around and buy something a bit nicer?

Apothecary jar - perfect for candy

We think that ugly and boring is never the way to go – for example here are some cheap custom party favours for kids – loads of different items to choose from, which is great. From toys to party bags and boxes, many personalized to your birthday. Another option  – and this is a good Christmas party favour idea too – are these personalized coffee cups and mugs you can also order online in Australia. Designs for boys and girls of all ages, names, photos, funny sayings, cartoons and more. The name ones are great for guests gifts or team building. Last, but not least, if you are going to have candy at a birthday party, why not have a look at these mason jars for sale in Melbourne. The perfect candy container for lollies and sweets – you can see whats on the inside, and everyone gets the same size portion.

Personalised birthday party favour jar

Well that’s it for this post – have a look at some of the pics, and we hope these give you some great ideas 🙂




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