Stuck for birthday and party ideas? Here are some handy tips



A long time ago some really wise person said something like : failing to plan is planning to fail. Now if there is one time in life where we need to succeed, and not fail, its when we are holding a birthday or party, wedding or christening. There is often a lot of expectation preceding these kinds of events, and when that isn’t met, emotional devastation can be the result.

One good way to avoid disaster is with good planning. Some people can afford to hire a professional wedding planner, or event manager, to take care of all of the details. This might include booking a venue, arranging invitations, themes, costumes, decorations, catering, party supplies…and so on. With the inevitable cost involved, of course.

There are many of us, however, for whom this is not an option. After all, most of us live on pretty tight budgets. That said, you don’t have to put up with second best. With a little clever party planning and strategic purchasing, you too can have an awesome event, without breaking the bank. Now for some inspiration.

One of the first things that will influence your decisions is the type of event you are having. This is because different life occasions generate very different expectations. For example a christening often has a lot of religious significance. A wedding too, can be very religious, or it can be secular. So things people use at christenings will usually have a christian influence and imagery, perhaps also affected by whether the event is for a boy, or a girl. Boys will have blue colors and backgrounds, while supplies for girls christenings such as decorations and christening bonbonniere will often have pink as a major color.

Now lets look at other celebrations in life. We will skip weddings as this is a topic that we could devote multiple blog posts all on its own to and instead talk about birthdays. We all have one, every year, after all. And although some people don’t outwardly celebrate birthdays its our belief that secretly, they all wish they could. And so they should. A birthday is a celebration of life, of beginnings, and journey. Togetherness with family and friends. And letting someone special know they are very much loved. So with all of this emotion you can see why we think that a birthday should be a success, and with that, a planned success.

From the start, one good tip is to first decide on a theme, or style, of the wedding you are going to hold. Then set a budget. Once you have done that, serious party planning will usually mean a few lists. First, a list of birthday supplies. Be broad in description, you can narrow down the exact items as you go. Shopping online is great for that. Oh and do’t forget that if you want to stand out from the crowd, personalise your party!. A good sample list might include invitations, large welcome posters for the window or door, favours,  entertainment, party bags, and of course food. A great idea when it comes to party food is the compulsory birthday cake but if you want to go the extra mile and wow your guests why not try your hand at a personalised candy buffet table, laden with sweets and lollies. Have a look at the picture below to see what we mean. Now does that look like a well planned birthday or what?

Candy boxes

Well folks, that’s about it for this post. We will be back with a few more really nice pics of parties and events online we have helped plan, hopefully helping others along the way to make their parties special too!


Picture of decorative party balloons


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