How to personalize your event supplies easily and cheaply


Looking to hold an event and really want to make a statement?

Lets face it. Spending up large in the budget aisle of the local supermarket or discount variety store may well miss the mark. Loads of generic party supplies churned out en mass at low prices – sure you can go there but you run the risk of having your party or wedding look very bland. A lot like everyone else’s. And that’s not good, if you value difference, or have a style all of your own.

Before we get too much further into this, lets take a quick look at the origin of birthday parties. From ancient times it was customary to hold an annual celebration in honor of a name day, which was the annual holy day of the Saint after whom you were named. This had obvious religious connotations. In the middle ages, people of lower class still celebrated these days, however the nobility also celebrated the date of their birth. These could be quite ostentatious parties, with decorations, luxury, and excess, particularly when it came to food.

This tradition slowly spread to the broader populace, and began the modern tradition of the birthday party, with special food, decorations, birthday invitations, and all the trimmings we see today. Right down to the song, happy birthday. Well not quite. Although the song was really made famous by Marilyn Monroe, the song Happy Birthday traces its origins back to the 1890’s in America, at least the tune did. The happy birthday lyrics didn’t appear until quite a bit later on.

This all explains why so much expectation is placed on a special day such as a birthday, and to a similar extent, a wedding. And is also the reason why you don’t want to skimp on things if you really want you little boy or girls event to be all they hope it will be. Disappointment can be devastating.

Lets start with the first item that can be personalized for an event – the invites. Personalized, and yet still affordable birthday invitations are surprisingly easy to find, and available from a lot of online shops. A word to the wise though, the quality and service level can vary dramatically so if something is ridiculously cheap, there is probably a reason for it. A good online shop, such as our favorite, will offer not only a decent range also offer photo invitations of a high quality.

Personalised birthday supplies

Once the invitations are selected, ordered and printed, it is a good time to be planning your party food. Candy, lollies, sweets and chocolate are almost to be expected these days, as it was in days of old. Looking around online again, there are plenty of photos of candy for sale to give you ideas to start with. If you can, having custom chocolate bar wrappers made to match your invitations is awesome. If you are having a wedding, or a baby shower chocolates are universally popular, but a new trend that is emerging as wedding favors are cute personalized wedding lollipops. Once you have decided on what is right for your event, its a good idea to find a few stores that are not too far from you, in order to minimize delivery delay. Also don’t forget to make sure that the business you are buying from has the items you want, in stock, when you order.

Above all, don’t forget to leave plenty of time between ordering and your actual event. If you leave everything till the last minute there is no room for error if things go wrong.

Candy buffet crystal sticks




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