Birthday Ideas Special – popular themes in 2015


In the Southern Hemisphere its winter – and while for many that means nights indoors keeping warm, listening to the rain on the roof and the wind howling outside, if you are planning a party or an event it also means that it is the season to plan accordingly. For many, unless you are near the equator, that is, it means that things like outdoor pool parties are not a good idea. Imagine a birthday where the guests huddle, freezing in the rain. So the focus largely switches to indoor themed events. Lets run with a few of them.

So I mentioned pool parties just now. Lets look at the local swimming complex as an alternative. Usually covered, heated, and largely protected from the wind and rain a good swimming pool complex will often have a cafe, sometimes one of those huge inflatable floating obstacle courses too. Perfect for young children’s birthdays. If you are lucky, a really good indoor swimming complex might even have a water slide or two. These are ideal for either girls or boys birthday parties, as the activities are limited only by the energy level of the kids involved.  To get them really involved, if it is a boys birthday party, putting a photo of the pool, slide or activities on your boys party invitations is a great idea

An added bonus about holding a swimming pool birthday party in winter is that swimming is a healthy activity. Although at parties, there is often a tend to load the guests up with chocolates and lolly buffet candy style treats, the theory is that this is at least partly balanced out by all of the activities and exercise. Well that’s the theory anyway. They will certainly come home tired as well as happy, and hopefully not still loaded on sugar!

Now while that might suit a bunch of super active boys, lets have a quick look at an off beat indoor girls party idea for winter. Ice Skating. Sure, it might be cold but its indoors, again, there is usually a cafe, and you could even dress up the party room with a Frozen style theme. Again, although Frozen was released last year there are still plenty of little want to be Elsa’s out there, and girls birthday invitations in the Frozen theme – especially the personalized variety, look awesome.

Frozen party lollipops

An extra special touch would be to use photos in your invitations. Icy blue themed party food, some of which of course, would be…frozen…Custom decorations and perhaps even a costume or two. Simply stunning.

Frozen party invitations

There are still loads of alternatives to the two I have floated above, of course. Lets look at a few now, and get some perspective. One option would be to hold a party at home. Twenty kids or so, parents doing the drop off and collect afterwards, all the preparation, the decoration, …..and then the tidy up…the dishes….and someone left what?? On the expensive carpet?? Hmmmm….Okay

Not convinced? Here is another option : A visit to any public facility – lets pick an afternoon at the museum. A couple of hours travel, parking, then a good solid four hours or so of…..walking…and looking…and sharing everything with hundreds if not thousands of other guests…

So those are our picks folks for some winter birthday ideas that might not immediately come to mind – we know we have enjoyed them, hence the share.




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