A new beginning – with a new look website

A brand new look

One of our favorite Australian online shops for party supplies – Little Dance Invitations has just launched a brand new look for a much loved website!

Everybody likes a freshly renovated house.  Brand new carpet, paint, decorations, and of course, an invitation to the house warming party.

When its a website we are talking about, and not a house, well, a rebuild and re launch is very similar. No carpet usually, but in this case a whole lot of improvements. And in the very competitive online retail industry, having a website that is easy to use, and a great range of custom party products for sale online and at the right price is critical.

Baby shower design

Little Dance first began supplying invitations for birthdays, parties, weddings, christenings and other types of special events in 2007.  From there, the team expanded into other custom online stationery ranges.

After several years with the website in its original html format, the team at Little Dance Invitations upgraded to a custom designed online shopping portal using the Kentico platform, designed by Get Started. This was very well received by clients and industry peers alike, and served the Australian custom party supplies business well for several years.

Over time, responding to heavy customer demand, the business changed course several times. This meant changing from the original focus on making and selling affordable photo invitations online, to offering a much wider range.

Fast forward to 2015.

From invitations for birthdays, parties, weddings, christenings, personalised items for baby shower parties and announcements for engagements, births and more, to todays complete range of special event stationery.

The capabilities of the design and print team have expanded to the stage where you can have one design carried across the range, from invitations to buffet cards, place cards, edible images, and now even huge kid’s party banners. Printed in crystal clear digital wide format, these banners and posters are the perfect decorations to brighten up a blank wall, or decorate behind a candy buffet.

Speaking of candy buffets, Little Dance also has a very good range of candy buffet supplies for sale, to the point where they are now known as one of Australia’s premier boutique online candy and sweet shop . The range is large, eclectic, and caters to those with quality and style in their shopping wish list.


Apothecary jar

Gorgeous apothecary jars, mason jars and small glass milk bottles, perfect for serving. Glass drink dispensers too. And then there are the candy, lollies, chocolate and sweets. Available in bulk as well as in single packet lots, all in single colours – which can create a stunning effect if you are color co ordinating. A special favorite at many events, particularly with the kids are sweets and lollies such as the crystal candy sticks and the mini jelly beans. Bright, sparkly, and a huge sugar hit for young and old alike.

If you are going to have a lolly buffet, sweets table, or similar at your event, or if you would like some very special, personalised favors, why not consider having your very own personalized chocolate bar wrappers made. Hundreds of designs to choose from for all kids of events. And the neat thing about chocolate is that almost everyone likes it! The perfect edible party favour or bonbonniere.


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