Baby shower planning – made easy.

Baby shower planning – the easy way.

The arrival of a new baby is a magical time. The start of new life. A family begins or grows bigger, with more love and smiles.

This post is about what happens before baby arrives. No not everything that happens before bubs entry into the world, this is a PG rated blog, silly.

Once our new mum and dad have announced her pregnancy to the world – hopefully with tastefully done pregnancy announcements, there are lots of plans to be laid and changes to be made. And not just the changes in the diameter of our mum to be’s tummy and wardrobe lol.

When a new arrival is impending, several significant preparations usually happen, and we will discuss some of these now.

When baby is brought home from hospital, some families co sleep, others have the crib in the master bedroom, with mum and dad close by. Many others prepare a nursery, lovingly furnishing it with soft colours, cute themes, and of course, lots of soft toys. It is often at this time that baby’s first teddy bear makes an appearance.

Nursery planning is something that the broader family and circle of friends can become involved with. Well sort of. How, we hear you ask? At that sacred ceremony, which also doubles as a party, of course. We are talking about a baby shower. You see, its customary at a baby shower to “shower” the expectant mother with gifts – probably why it’s called a baby shower. No, not showering our pregnant mum with babies. Let’s clear that up right from the start.

That’s all well and good but how does a baby shower involve family and friends with nursery decorating you ask? Isn’t a shower one of those parties that ladies go to, drink wine, play hilarious – and sometimes quite naughty – games? Very true we say. However, consider this.

If we let our invited guests know in advance that we would like small gifts to take the form of something for baby, and use either subtle suggestions, perhaps on printed baby shower invitations, or more directly with a list, in the form of a wishing well or gift registry. That way, everybody can share something special with the newborn, and be a part of, and present in bubs everyday life.

Pink damask baby shower invitation
Pink damask baby shower invitation

There. That was easy. With that out of the way, we can share a few other tips around baby shower planning. To have a the most fun baby shower make sure there are plenty of fun things for your guests to see and do. For example lots of fun activities and games. Themed baby shower supplies and decorations are also a great idea. And if you are going to give your party guests bonbonniere, you can either buy generic items or add the personal touch, by making DIY bonbonniere. One handy tip we have to help you save money on your baby shower bonbonniere is to buy things like personalised baby shower labels online, and use these with some cute boxes or bags. Then purchase some nice bright sweets and lollies. Presto, personalised favors and bombonniere, that didn’t cost the earth Sweet!

Personalised labels for a baby shower
Personalised labels for a baby shower

Thanks for visiting our blog. We hope your baby shower is the affordable success you want it to be!


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