Bonbonniere and favour ideas – with a difference

As you might have guessed from the title, this is a post about bonbonniere.

Also known as bomboniere, and favours in different parts of the world, bonbonniere means different things to different people with different themes and styles in mind. Your bonbonniere can, and should be, exactly what you want it to be. As individual as a personality, reflecting the mood of your event, and sending the message you want to send.

Lets get technical first.

What is the meaning of bonbonniere? According to Wikipedia, Italian Bomboniere “are also known as “favors”, are gifts given by hosts to their guests on special occasions such as bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, baptism, First Communion or Confirmation. They usually include Jordan almonds, known in Italian as Confetti. Five sugared almonds symbolize health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life”

As mentioned above, they are also known as party favors. Wikipedia defines these as “a small gift given to the guests at a party as a gesture of thanks for their attendance, a memento of the occasion, or simply as an aid to frivolity” In other words, they are meant to be enjoyable. The trick is to match the type of bonbonniere with the atmosphere of your event, with the ambience, and with your guests expectations.

Lets talk Christenings for example. One of the first things you will see when invited to a christening are the invitations. Usually they will tell you a bit about the ceremony, such as where and when. You can also expect to see a little bit about theme, perhaps. Then you arrive at the event. Usually you will be seated. Each guest will be given a small thank you gift for attending. Sometimes these will be on arrival, sometimes placed on your seat, other times given as you leave. These will be the christening bonbonniere. Sometimes, – and this is really special – these will be themed to the event, matching the christening invitations. Sometimes they will be custom and personalised with photos, as photo bonbonniere – if thats the case, these can be kept as special mementos. Have a look at our invites to see the difference this can make.

Similar can be said for weddings. We say similar because there are obviously quite a few differences between weddings and christenings. The focus is on a couple, the settings are usually more formal, and the celebrations are usually more elaborate. Unless of course you are planning an unconventional style wedding, perhaps something modern and informal. The same goes for the style of bonbonniere you choose – it should be in keeping with the overall style and theme of your invitations, decorations and wedding supplies. Formal wedding = elaborate invitations and perhaps more expensive accessories. You get the picture.

The neat thing about this is that most wedding related items can be purchased online these days. From wedding bonbonniere to sweets and lollies that make excellent wedding favours. A personal favorite are these affordable themed lollipops for weddings – how special are they!! Affordable, loads of designs and bound to be a hit with every wedding guest who has a sweet tooth. And that would be all of your wedding guests, we feel.


Personalised wedding lollipops


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