Custom party stationery and supplies with an Australian twist

Parties, weddings and other happy family events are held in most parts of the world. And with good reason. Everybody likes to celebrate, and what better opportunity than on the anniversary of a happy occasion, or when one of life’s milestone events is being held? One of the things that makes life so special is the little differences in cultures. Every country has a slightly different way of seeing things and celebrating them.

Lets take weddings for example. Here are a few traditions and customs from around the world that highlight the difference.

In China, the bride is transported to the ceremony in a red carriage.  Jewish weddings involve the Groom stomping on a glass and breaking it. In Pakistan, it is customary to have the brides hands and feet painted with elaborate, intricate henna painting. In Japan, it is a custom that the bride and groom drink Sake together. In one of the oddest wedding traditions around, in Scotland, there is an old custom called blackening of the bride and groom. It involves covering the bride and groom in awful smelling rotting things – designed to scare off evil spirits. I think it would scare off most things just quietly.

How about The Great Southern Land then? Australia is a melting pot of cultures from around the world. The predominant culture is European, with the native culture being Aboriginal. Many ceremonies in Australia begin with an acknowledgement of the traditional owners of the land, being the local tribe. Another tradition, less common these days, is for both the bride and groom to throw a stone into a river together. This is thought to have originated in Australia’s early years, where many couples did not have or could not afford a wedding ring.

With so many different nationalities making up what we today call Aussie culture, our birthdays, partys, weddings and christenings take on a style that is often a blend. Traditional, laid back, and distinctly Australian.

The size of this huge country means that we turn to the internet for a lot of our event supplies. Online in Australia you can buy just about anything party related, with the added bonus of having access to a number of niche, personalized and custom suppliers.

Many of these online stationery and event supplies businesses cater to a range of events and styles. For example, Baby showers are styled depending on whether the mother to be is celebrating the impending arrival of a baby boy, or a baby girl, or even a gender neutral event. Themed invitations for baby showers can really accentuate an event, in a good way. Similarly, christening invitations also have a range of popular themes. These often reflect the cultural diversity evident in our cities, from Orthodox and religious themes such as angels, doves, and similar to non denominational styles.

Personalised christening invitation with whale theme

From invitations with an Australian twang, we would like to briefly mention a new trend that is proving very popular. Favors and treats are usually given to guests in bags and boxes, but lately glassware is the way to go. Personalized and customised, and best of all, they look great. Our glassware range includes party supplies such as our mason jars, which we can personalize to almost any theme. All products can be delivered Australia wide, making it easy to buy great looking and stylish party supplies from almost anywhere!


Glassware display showing mason jars


A little bit about our glassware, party supplies such as our mason jars



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