Using religious significance in your event supplies

Christening invitations

Christmas cards

Birth announcements

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Its a simple fact that religion is one of the things that unites people across the world, from different nationalities, creeds, history and more. With a large percentage of the world identifying as being religious, it makes sense that this flows through into event supplies and stationery.

Since the dawn of time people have associated things they love with happy times. This, combined with the traditional association of the creation of life with divinity, still holds true today.

Lets have a look at three types of events, and the religious aspects – then a quick peek at a few invitation and stationery designs that pay homage to these aspects.


Looks a little bit like a combination of the words “Christ” and “Mass”, does it not? According to Wikipedia, Christmas has a variety of influences on its origin, however the Christian version holds sway in many homes. One tradition of old that still holds true today is the sending of Christmas greeting cards. True, the likes of first, email, then SMS, and lately Facebook have reduced the popularity of the handwritten paper card, many still get sent each year. Popular religious themes for Christmas include the dove, wise men and stars, baby in manger, as well as angels. All of these are deeply significant yet to the untrained eye, subtle.

Dove themed Christmas card

Another event – although not annual, is also embued with religious connotations. This is the arrival of a newborn baby into the world. New life has a significance like no other, and is perhaps the single most important event there is. Again, a newborn birth announcement with religious overtones is a great choice if you are a believer. A little baby can look exactly as we imagine an angel to look, so that’s the approach many birth announcement designers take. A halo, a small cross or crucifix in the artwork. Beautiful. Not everyone likes to use religious themes, so we also have a great range of non religious, non denominational birth announcement cards. Some have photos, others use baby and nursery themed artworks that enhance your message. Cute baby animals, nursery decorations and gentle colours in line with the gender of your new arrival. Surprisingly affordable, our cards have been used all around Australia.

Following a birth is a time of consolidation, reflection, and togetherness with a new family. The wider world calls, however and extended family too. And there is also the matter of introducing the new family member to church and congregation. The perfect way to do this – depending on your religious leanings, is by either a christening or baptism ceremony.

Boys crucifix christening invitation

We are a little biased of course but in Australia there are quite a few places that you can get these sorts of products online. Perhaps ebay, perhaps Gumtree or even at the local bookstore. Our favorite is an online shop that specializes in personalized. Based in Melbourne, Australia too. How easy is that, and affordable.


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