Stuck for ideas? Lets get decoration inspiration flowing!

Welcome to our first post. This is a blog largely dedicated to party inspiration.

When  you are party planning, particularly when you have a theme in mind, inspiration can be difficult to find if you are stuck for ideas.

With an event or occasion comes excitement, and expectation. Its important to meet several levels of expectation in order to ensure that your event will be the success that you want it to be.

For an example, lets start with weddings. Some weddings are low key and informal. More often a wedding is a formal affair, with elaborate preparation and ritual. Many weddings have themes, from the traditional white wedding, to a beach wedding with a piper leading the bridal procession. And following the wedding, there is usually a big party called a reception.

Each of these wedding themes has an atmosphere. And lets face it, your expectation on receiving an invitation to a white wedding at a church is going to be different to getting a casual looking wedding invitation, perhaps to to a beach wedding.

Something similar happens at all kinds of parties, from birthdays to christenings to weddings and more. They all need decorations – all sorts of party decorations, so here are a few ideas!

On arrival :

A really good way to welcome your guests is to use a big welcome banner. Hang a banner over the door or perhaps on the side of the building – a welcome, as well as confirming to your guests that they are in the right place. Getting a personalized wide format banner printed is easy – many online studios can design, and send you the digital file to have printed at an office stationery shop, and some can also print then deliver to you.

In the main party or event room

Where people will mix and mingle, use color to create or enhance atmosphere. For formal, stick with whites and creams. Fashionable, think red, white and black. Or if the event has a theme, run with the main colors used in the theme. There are quite a few ways to splash color about without resorting to paint – just as well!

Balloons are an old favorite. Cheap, and easy to use, they are easily fastened to most surfaces. Remember though that balloons do deflate over time so be sure to inflate them not too long before your event starts. You can buy some online in Australia at loads of places, including Ebay

Picture of decorative party balloons

Paper streamers are another handy decoration – these have the advantage of being able to be strung across long distances, such as across a room or over a table.

One of our fave decorations are pom poms. Not the ones cheerleaders wave around but smaller delicate, pretty tissue paper poms. These make especially stunning decorations at a wedding or a christening. East to get ready and they don’t deflate over time.Picture of fluffy tissue pompoms

Thanks for stopping by our post. We hope the suggestions and the pictures give you the ideas you need to make your event a success.

We will be back soon with more pretty party ideas.


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